Makeup Wars! New Year's Beauty Resolutions


New Year's resolutions are hard. I could swear off buying peach-colored items, but that is just silly. I'm compelled to buy peachy products, so why even try to stop that? To be fair, I'm saving for a sofa so I haven't bought a speck of makeup (not including nail polish, which obviously doesn't count) since the second week in December. Still, me? On a no-buy? Ha. Flying narwhals are more likely.

(Check out Melanie's super fun art by clicking here. She rocks! Courtesy of Melanie Tiechroeb)

I have vowed not to use sulphates in my shampoo in 2012 and I'll continue to do that in 2013. I know I harp on sulphates often, but it makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE. I don't get why people still use sulphates. You can stop the build up on your hair, wash it less often, keep your color longer, keep your hair softer and have healthier hair. Sulphates create a vicious cycle of adding extra crud to your hair, which gums it up and forces you to wash it again. It's taken a while, but at this point, I only wash my hair every five or six days. But still, I've already done that, so to say I'll keep doing it is a cop out.

(We all have those days, don't we?)

My New Year's resolution for this edition of Makeup Wars? I will vow to compliment a stranger or person I don't often speak to (or honestly, care for) once per day. What will that accomplish, besides brightening the other person's day? I find the negative self talk that bounces around in my head constantly, every day (I'm ugly, fat, lazy, dumb, unworthy, etc--you know what I mean) quiets itself when I compliment others more often. It keeps me in a positive place and shoos away the negative self talk.  I'm a big fan of paying it forward, so that is my resolution. For once, it won't cost any money and I can still eat cookies. I have no reason not to keep this resolution.

What is your beauty resolution? Find out what my other Makeup Wars compadres are promising to do in the links below!

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  1. I agree with sulfates, they're no good for the hair!

  2. What a creative resolution! I love it!!! :) I think we all must strive to quiet that negative self-talk and embrace ourselves! :) xx

  3. Definitely a great resolution! No negative self talk allowed!!!

  4. I hate those mean voices in my head. How do they even get there? I think your idea is amazing and I am going to try and do that myself, and might even take that to Twitter, where I sometimes feel like spewing my nastiness whether directed to myself or others (ashamed!).

  5. That's a pretty good resolution, I never would have thought of it!


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