Got Colored Hair? Roux is for You!

(My hair before Roux above)

Ever wish your color stayed fresh? I think redheads like myself know our color isn’t going to look the same as it did within two shampoos after leaving the salon. It’s just the way the colored hair cookie crumbles. But blonds and brunettes fade too. Even my platinum ladies know what I’m talking about. Hair color goes from fab to drab in a hot second and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Obviously, avoiding sulfates and not washing as often extends the life of your color, but what else is there? Colored shampoos used to be trendy and they were everywhere you looked. Now the hair gods are focused on other things (like shampoo that doesn’t need suds). There is, however, one trick left  that will refresh your color with the intensity normally reserved for magic wands.

The solution to your hair color woes is about $5 at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply. Roux's Color Refresh Mask is a lifesaver. You simply wash and condition your hair, towel it dry and apply the temporary color to your hair. Make sure you apply it evenly, while wearing gloves, and wait for three or so minutes. Then rinse the Roux Color Refresher Mask from your hair and go! Your hair is shiny, your color rejuvenated, and your look salon-fresh.

There is a downside, however. You will need gloves, or your cuticles and nails may pick up some color. You will also want a dark towel (or one you don’t care about) as your hair will transfer color whenever it gets wet for the next few shampoos. But if you yearn for non-brassy, bright red or just generally refreshed color, Roux is IT. I've been using Fire Red and my color is intense. I'm getting three uses from one packet, with each color lasting about three shampoos. Not bad for $5! Roux Color Refresher Mask is available in eight colors from white platinum to brown, including Fire Red and Copper.

 (That is some bright hair!)

Have you tried it? What did you think? How do you stop your hair from fading? Tell me your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Awesome! I'm getting this ASAP! Thanks!

  2. Fading is one of the main reasons why I stopped getting my hair dyed red. I've always had red highlights - naturally, and also since starting to color my hair. I'm mostly gray, and my hair picks up the color in such a way that it looks like I've got highlights (also thanks to my hairdresser of 20 years). But...the other reason I stopped was because I'm sort of a pale person with pink undertones - there wasn't that much of a contrast between my hair and my skin. I've decided that brunette is much more flattering for me - and it makes me look younger - which is necessary, since I turn 62 this year!

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me which one you used in the bottom pic? Was it the fire red or the copper? I have the fire red. I tried it on a piece of hair that would be hidden most of the time and I don't see a difference. I'm a little nervous to try my whole head.

  4. I finally tried it. It's not as bright as yours, but I do see a difference! Definitely lightened the color up! Thank you!

  5. If I have blonde highlights in my burgundy, will it color them also??

  6. I have longer hair and I bought four packs thinking I needed about that much to cover my whole head, I'm trying the cocktail called Glowing Embers. You said you're getting three uses out of one pack.. How long is your hair?

  7. My hair is naturally blond. I mixed 1/2 fire red and 1/2 copper. My hair looks like the picture above. How can i make it a little less red? It's looks good but a drastic change for me. Thanks, Marilyn.

  8. I used the burgundy and I love how it looks except for the fact that now I have a purple scalp. Any tips on fixing this/ preventing this?

  9. I used the burgundy and love the color ! Except for the fact that my scalp is purple now. Any tips on preventing this/ fixing this?

    1. Oh NO! If you scrub your scalp with a non-sulfate shampoo, it should remove it. Next time you apply, don't put it so close to the scalp, I suppose. I'm glad you like the color on your hair!


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