FOTD: Winter Is Coming*

I love the cold weather! What I don't like is the look of heavy makeup accentuating dry, winter skin. Take a look at my wintery FOTD to see the products I like that protect your skin and make you glow through the cold months.

Addiction NV Baby Butt Primer: This primer is smooth as silk, oddly refreshing (it's minty!) and makes your face a perfect canvas for your foundation.

Dr. Jart Smart Gel BB Cream: This BB Cream is an odd duck. It's like a custard or a really thick jelly with a mind of its own. It doesn't transfer and it basically wears until you take it off. It's one of my favorite BB creams I've tried. Sadly, it's desperately lacking in the color range department. I'm wearing Light/Medium. Your other option is Medium/Dark. If you fit that range, this is one to check out. I have a full review coming shortly!

Being True Eyebrow Powder: I love this. They have stopped making it, but if you know of a retailer, they may have a few left on their shelves. If you find any, you might be able to talk myself or beauty maven Phyrra into ordering it. It's the BEST powder shade for redheads.

Kat Von D Everlasting Face Shaper Blush in Wish: For once, my face isn't eating this before I get to work. The color looks bright in the pan, but goes on flawlessly, adding a hint of color to cheeks.

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette in Classic: I love this palette. It's impossible to mess up and NOT get a gorgeous eye. Depending on how you apply, it can be perfect for a natural look or you can work the crease and corners for a clever, sexy look.

Le Metier de Beaute Indelible Ink Liquid Liner in Castalia: This liner glides on, adds a pop of color and does not budge. Once it's on, it will not budge, so get it right the first time. If it scares you but you adore the color, apply it with a small, slant-tip brush and you'll have more control.

Armani Eyes To Kill (Stretch) Mascara: This mascara is a favorite of mine for really noticeable lashes.

Too Faced Natural Lip Palette: If you want a natural lip with a few options, this is a great go-to palette. I'm not a fan of applying lips with a brush on the go, so I usually start the day with this color and switch to whatever purse du jour color finds my hand first.

*To the East Coast of the USA (FINALLY) and to Winterfell, anyways. Too and decides.

Everything but primer and liner were purchased by moi. Contains affiliate links.

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  1. Living in south Texas I never have experienced a "real winter". I think the only time my face gets dry is after a hot shower and I don't moisturize!

  2. Oh my. Texas hates me. Some day, ill tell you how I got seriously ill on the bathroom floor of the Houston (?) Children's Museum. By the time we left, I was vomiting and laying on the floor in the bathroom, not sure where I was. Texas heat and I are not friends.

  3. I spotted Dr.Jart gel BB cream at Sephora. I thought the packaging was interesting. But I ended up not buying because the medium/dark looked ashy on me. I want to try the BUTT primer you mentioned :-)

  4. I guess we really have to prepare for the wellness of our skin. I am interested in trying out the NV baby butt primer. I sounds like a great product to try out.


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