Dear Dove, Please Make This Year Round. Love, Me.

Dove's Winter Care Body Wash is like Dove's regular body wash on steroids. It is the most rich, most hydrating, most fabulous formula. I'm not sure why it's not available year-round. As a girl with very dry skin, I fully plan on hoarding this before March (when it's off of the shelves) so my skin looks this great year round.

What makes it so great? It contains Nutrium moisture, like all Dove body washes. However, it also contains sodium cocoyl glycinate, an extremely mild cleanser that rinses off of the skin easier than most other body washes. That means it takes less scrubbing, less hot water and gentler care for your skin. Your skin is never stripped like with other cleansers, so its protective barrier is left intact and your skin is moisturized, soft and totally touchable.

I find that after showering with Dove Winter Care I could skip the after-shower moisturizer if I needed to. My skin never feels dry, tight or itchy. And my trusty co-worker swears it helps with her Keratosis Pilaris (those red bumps on the back of your arms).

Dove Winter Care is available from October through March at most mass retailers. Since the chances of the honchos at Dove heeding my request for year-round Winter Care are likely to be zilch, stock up now before it's yanked from shelves at the end of March.

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  1. Funny - I had already bought this and was waiting to finish my other body wash before starting it...but after reading your comments, I used it this morning. Love it...and I will be stocking up before it disappears!

  2. I THINK it the formula is going stay year round under the name Purely Pampering, which I THINK is available this spring.

  3. I finally got around to buying this after seeing your post and another on a different blog. But while I was in the store, I decided to compare ingredients with other Dove body washes to see if I could figure out what makes this one so special. So guess what? The ingredients in their 'Deep Moisture' body wash are IDENTICAL to the 'Winter Care' one. Soooo...maybe they do make this year-round :-) They smell different, but based on the ingredients, I would assume they'd perform the same. I hope this helps!

  4. I asked Dove the same question and the line is staying permanent under the name Pure and Pampering. Huzzah!


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