So This is New Years, And What Have You Done?

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Happy New Year!

The car parked across from my house is asking what I've done this year (as well as the rest of the lyrics to the John Lennon song) and I'm not sure I've done much of anything that I had sworn to do last year. Harrumph. Since I can't leave my neighborhood without getting that song stuck in my head, I thought I would take a look at what I did and didn't accomplish in 2012.

According to Facebook, my biggest moment may have been this artist rendering of a trip to NYC, courtesy of my friend, The Mouth. Although I'm not exactly sure what it means, Facebook thought it was a very important moment, so I thought I should probably share it.

Yeah, I don't know what to make of that either. So back to what I didn't accomplish this year.

I didn't lose weight.

I didn't get new furniture.

I didn't get my sinuses fixed. (But I did go to the doctor and they said my only other real option was surgery.)

However, I did accomplish some things. 

I did reach my writing goals (and now I have new ones- I have more to say about real life stuff that isn't beauty related. I'd love to share those stories with my hero, Jane Pratt. I hope she is listening.)

I managed to keep Karma Dogs going for another year. Ever think of starting a non-profit? Take it from me, passion only gets you so far. I love what we've accomplished, but I doubt how much farther I can take it on my own. Each year Karma Dogs makes it means hundreds of kids learn how to appreciate companion animals in a new light, so each year is a gift.

So what do I hope 2013 brings?

The long hair of my dreams. (After three years, my hair will finally reach it's goal length- woo hoo! My pixie girls know exactly what I'm talking about!)

A smaller size of jeans. Just two sizes smaller. I don't need to be a waif. Just a little healthier.

The end to greedy, self-obsessed people who are not positive influences for anyone in my life. If you only ask for favors or don't contribute in a positive way, I no longer have room for you in my circle. This will lessen the daily drama as well, which anyone who knows me, knows I need less drama.

Health and happiness for my friends and family.

Finally, I would love to be able to spring for some big girl furniture. I'll turn 40 this year and really only have hand me down furniture that isn't particularly thought out with any kind of design. That needs to change.

2013 Beauty Trends I See in the New Year

Since this is a beauty blog, I should also mention trends I think will take off (or crash and burn).

1. Glossy, wet looking simple shadows. Think washes of color instead of structured, complicated shadows and liners. Cat eyes will never die, so don't worry about having to say goodbye to that one.

2. More pastels. They tried to come back last year and didn't get traction. I suspect they'll return this spring, so don't give away those colors just yet.

3. Braids! Braids! Braids! Braiding will get more complex, as well as updos that become the daily norm.

4. Steam Irons are going to be everywhere. Right now, you can get a crimping steam iron from Conair which delivers insane shine. But it comes in an 80's-style crimping waver, which I can't make work for my style. If they made that in a deep waver, I'd be all over it. Mark my words, they are coming.

5. This is the year sulphates in shampoos will finally crash and burn. They've been getting a lot of attention for years, but this is the year the no suds 'poo will finally reign supreme.

What about you? What resolutions do you have? Are your resolutions ever actually successful? Or is this habit just a way to take stock and reassess annually? What beauty trends are you thinking about (or wishing would die?) Tell me! And have a safe, happy and healthy 2013!

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