Need Holiday Hair Help? TRESemme to the Rescue!

One of my favorite drugstore brands, TRESemme, has launched the TRESemme Style Studio. This website not only shows you how to style your hair, it also offers a mirror so you can watch while you work. Choose from braids, waves, buns, twists, bobs or basically anything else you can imagine. This comprehensive style guide tells you what you need to create the look you want. The videos have chapters that you can easily pause or replay to see EXACTLY how to pull it off. Make sure you have a speedy internet connection, your tools ready and you can create a pro style in a jiff. I beg to differ at what they call short hair, but otherwise, it's a fantastic site!  It's easy to lose a chunk of time learning new tricks of the trade!

Check out my faux bob, styled after watching the TRESemme Style Studio video. Be brave, get out of the rut and try something new!

(The back isn't perfect, but it shocked Loxy when he first saw me!)

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