Gouldylox Guide to Gift Giving: Sri Lanka Collection from Three Custom Color

Looking for something polished, refined and a little left of center? I've got the collection that will make you a hero. This isn't your traditional holiday makeup collection.

Consider this: Sri Lanka Collection from Three Custom Color.

It retails for $44, with an eye shadow in Smokey Topaz and a gloss in Diamonds Are Forever. The shadow and gloss may also be purchased separately

Smokey Topaz Eye Shadow
A rich burnished gold with gleams of warm bronze and copper,  use it wet or dry over the lower lid and wet along the lash line. Top with Aurora or Jupiter Creme Eye Definer for definition along the lash line.

It's everything you need for an everyday look and with a quick flick of the eye liner, your ready for the night out.

Diamonds are Forever Lip Gloss
A highly reflective diamond shimmer that reflects any color nearby. Inspired by the 4 Cs -- color, cut, clarity and carat weight -- this is the perfect diamond gloss in a wand. Wear alone or over your favorite lipstick for a splash of "sparkling diamonds".
What it says about you: You know the boutiques that drive and inspire style.

Who it's great for: Mentors, sisters-in-laws who live to love fashion, girlfriends who are a little outside of traditional in their style.

Get it here while supplies last for $44.

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