Gouldylox Guide to Gift Giving: Light Fragrance Favorites

Love to give fragrances but clueless as to what to what might be the right thing? Fragrance is so personal it can be a bit tricky. Here are my favorites for the season. 

Consider this:


Top:   Rose, Peony
Mid:   Lily of the valley, magnolia
Base: Amber, Cedarwood

A lovely, heavy locket with solid perfume. It's jewelry and perfume in one. How can you not win?

Top:         Red berries, dragonfruit, honeysuckle
Mid:         Jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom
Base:         Vanilla, driftwood, musk  

This sweet scent and beautiful bottle will be a lovely reminder when she spies it on her vanity each day.

What it says about you: You understand that they are a fresh, free-spirited, sweet person who loves to be slightly scented, NOT cloying or heavy.

Who it's great for: Women who are more J.Crew than REI, more Bloomingdales than Barney's, more  H&M than Anthropology. Women who like lighter scents and close contact versus women who like a scent to linger long after they've left the room.

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