Gouldylox Guide to Gift Giving: FRAAS Tech Gloves

Trying to find something for a fashionable friend who loves her smart phone and tablet?

Consider this: FRAAS Feminine Tech Gloves.

These gloves retail for about $30, and are compatible with any touch screen device.

These gloves are slightly different because they have feminine styling and don't have any tech-looking pattern or overly noticeable difference between the glove and the fingertips. Depending on the shade you select, a slight color shift may be noticeable. They are comfy, work well enough to text, slide and pinch and have a nice feminine twist. To order these, call FRAAS directly at  212-575-0191.

What it says about you: You get that sometimes you have to text and walk at the same time.

Who it's great for: Any woman who is tech-obsessed.

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