Foundation Half & Half: Cover FX Cream Foundation

When you talk about a new foundation, it's always hard to describe. You want to know about basics, like how it covers, how it wears and what it looks like. While full photos of a finished face are lovely, you don't actually know if you are looking at the foundation, a highlighter, great lighting, a primer or anything else. It's just so subjective and hard to judge.

I thought it might be easiest to share how a foundation covers and looks by showing you how half my face looks with and without foundation. This way, you can compare how it looks covering melasma, dark circles, etc. I'll take all photos in the same light in my studio, so it's honestly apples to apples. I should also mention that I personally like my foundation light. I have a lot of hyper pigmentation, and my neck and face are different colors, so I prefer to match my neck. This way, I'm even all over. I'm a little picky about this...

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation was recently reformulated, now based more on undertones -- pink, neutral and gold. Hopefully this will make finding your perfect match even easier. If you haven't tried Cover FX, here is what you should know about them. Their foundations offer a medium to full coverage that looks very natural and pretty instead of heavy or cakey. You can easily control how heavy the coverage is with the application. A damp sponge gives a lighter look. A foundation brush gives a heavier look. A stippling brush gives coverage in the middle. It contains Vitamins A and E, has an SPF of 30 and is available in 28 shades. This foundation is very long-wearing and it does not oxidize, melt or move on me (in a 10 hour time frame). It's pretty amazing and there isn't much else you can ask for in a foundation.

So let's take a gander to see the texture, coverage and my final look.

Here is my face before anything. I'm only wearing Jan Marini Antioxidant SPF, Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate and Lise Watier Eye Cream. Don't judge. It's for science.

(I swear my blush doesn't look like that when I put it on. Hi. My name is Kelly and I'm addicted to blush. Also, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to matching my foundation to my neck, not my face, which is a totally different color.)

Pretty amazing coverage! My dark spots are gone and my face looks even and natural, even though a multitude of sins have been covered up. I'm wearing N20, if you are curious. Check them out for yourself at Sephora for  $42.00. If you have a bit to cover and don't want to wear a mask that makes your skin look like you are hiding, this is one of the best choices you can make.

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  1. Whoa, loving this!! The before/after is amazing. What would your foundation look like if you matched it to your face, not your neck?? The end result is flawless, though!!

  2. I've always been tempted to try the CoverFX foundation, but I haven't yet. This puts it back on my to-try list!

  3. My face is DARKER than my neck, because of yellowing from sun damage. If I match my foundation to my face, I get a crazy line of demarcation. I am actually really hard to match.

  4. Any idea what color I would be if I'm a NW20?

  5. Great idea! I think it looks wonderful and I am anxious to try it out! I never thought to compare my face/ neck colour...though I am too lazy to use foundation 90% of the time.

  6. I can feel you on being hard to match! Melasma makes it almost impossible, especially if you have it anywhere near your jaw bone like I do. I'm going to have to check this foundie out ! Thanks so much for posting this, you look amazing!

  7. This cream is looking very effective. I must try it because my skin is dry and very sensitive and i have dart circles in my eyes around...

  8. What a great idea to show half the face for the review!! It looks beautiful! Btw, I love the blush! :)

  9. Great post. By the way, what hair color did you use to get that gorgeous vivid red??

    1. It's Davines Pure Pigments. It doesn't last long, but it looks really pretty!!!


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