Testing the Hourglass Film Noir Kohl Eye Pencil

I'm always looking for liners that stay on my inner rim without flaking or smudging. It's an annoying process, as it requires you to look a little like a raccoon when things don't quite go your way. I've personally had the best luck so far with this liner, but when I was asked to check out something new from Hourglass, I was powerless to say no.

Hourglass makes one of the best primers on the market, no questions asked. So when they said they created a glossy black liner specifically for the inner rim, they had my attention.

(shown in Eclipse)

Film Noir Kohl Eye Pencil, available in Eclipse or Espresso, is a long, pointed liner that comes with its own sharpener. This liner is intended to be used on the inner rims of the eyes (as well as the outside). It's not a flat black, like so many liners. Instead, it catches the light in tiny ways, reflecting and making your eyes twinkle ever so slightly.

After wearing this liner for several days, I've determined a few things.

  1. It stays put. It won't flake or migrate.
  2. It is slightly shiny and reflective. 
  3. It stays in place until it decides it wants to take its light-reflecting friends and go home. Then it seems to disappear, but rather than falling down your face, it gracefully fades away. If it has to leave, that's the best way to go, I suppose.

To show you exactly what I mean, here is me in the morning, before I left for work. My eyes are defined, but not smudged.

Here is me at 4:08 that afternoon. I haven't wiped away my liner or smudges. It's just kind of gone. (Along with the BB cream I'm testing. My hair held up ok, though! The curls have turned to waves, but it still looks great and not frizzy! Each day is an experiment). The liner is basically gone from my inner rim, but it didn't leave a trace, so that is good! For the record, I have dry eyes and don't wear contacts (because I have dry eyes). I don't rub my eyes during the day either.

What do you think? Does this long, lovely liner from Hourglass deserve a space on your vanity? It also makes a sexy hairstick in a pinch! Let me know what you think below! What liner works best for you on the inner rim?

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  1. I like that it won't turn me into a raccoon. I might have to check this out! The only liner that stays put all day on my inner eye rim/waterline is MAC Gel liner in Blacktrack. I have yet to find a pencil liner that will last all day and not irritate my eyes. BTW. Your hair looks awesome!

  2. Thank you! Please note, I still plan on stealing your hair. :-)


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