Pinterest Lies*

Last night, I tried this twisty take on a pin curl to see if I would get gorgeous, glamourous waves that would enable me to sleep in.

So after twisting and sleeping in, I was left with this.

 Thanks, Pinterest! YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES.

Have you tried anything from Pinterest that was a total fail? Please tell me in the comments. I need to know I'm not alone! Check me out on pinterest for some better ideas...

*Just in case you are new to Gouldylox, and don't automatically get my humor, I don't actually mean that the original poster is a liar or that pinterest, as a website, actually sits on a real throne of lies. It's meant to be a humorous look at my giant hair fail.

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  1. OMG this is epic! Hahahahahahaha

  2. The "throne of lies" part almost made me spit out my coffee lol.

    As for trying things on pinterest, I've had a few nail tutorials go really badly.

    Might I ask if you put in any type of curling creme or serum in your hair before attempting this? I only ask because when I want waves from French braids, I first set my hair with some serum or creme so that it comes out... not as frizzy, haha.

    LOVE that you posted the picture, you are a GEM!

    1. I put in my usual combo of Kiehl's grooming creme and It Factor Simply It. That is my magic combo for all things style. I swear it makes my hair shiny, dry faster and hold a style longer with no frizz. Maybe a curl creme would have helped? My hair is naturally super straight.

  3. Yep, that's how they first look when you take them out and start brushing - but KEEP BRUSHING and you will have your pin curl waves - trust me!! I set my hair in pin curls for years (wet and dry) and that first bozo brushout is very scary!!

  4. Haha I did something very similiar for my "flapper" halloween costume. I thought I'd put my hair up in pin curls for the actual look, and then when I removed the bobby-pins in the morning I would have beautiful. curls for the next day. Nope. My hair came out exactly like yours!

    Boston Princess

  5. Maybe I'll try it again. I do pincurls almost every night - I never have issues. The twisting added a bonzo. I did brush it out a lot before I re-wet it and just blew it straight...the size of the bonzo went down, but I don't remember anything pretty coming out of it. Maybe I'll try again.....

  6. I love this!! Do more Pinterest fails!

  7. I haven't used Pinterest or its tutorials, but I remember trying a few from magazines (one for nails and one for hair) and not having them work at all.

  8. Hmmm that's weird, looks similar to my results when I accidentaly brush the curls (with an actual brush, because I wake up at 5 am and forgot that I am not supposed to brush my hair with an actual hair brush). Did you only used your fingers?

    I think it's absolutely hilarious - and amazing! - that you included the picture! Thanks for maing my day (:


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