Makeup Wars: Gouldylox Declares Her Favorite Holiday Metallic

In this Makeup Wars, we are pitting holiday metallic against holiday metallic in a deathmetal round of sheen and sparkle. My choice? The refined and beautiful Laura Mercier Art Deco Muse collection.

I love this collection because it's not over the top, "stare at me, I'm so SHINY". The shadows themselves are not opaque. Instead they are more of a gorgeous sheer that washes the eye in light.

 (Gilded Rose and Gilded Moonlight)

Think candlelight and intimate gift giving instead of drunken work party karaoke. The lip gloss is one of my favorite reds this season. It hugs the lips in a way that isn't too sticky or annoying and the color stays put. It's super shiny, knows its place and is a bit of a showstopper.

In these photos, I'm wearing the two shadows and the lip gloss, Laquer Rouge from the Art Deco Muse collection. The overall collection is actually slightly larger than what I'm wearing (check it out here), but these are my favorites.

(Earrings: La Papillon Day Spa)

Want the look? Shop the look below!

 What is your favorite metallic to wear for the holidays? Find out what other bloggers pick for their favorite holiday metallic below. Whose choice do you love the most? Check them all out and then tell me in the comments!

Some Laura Mercier sent for review, others were purchased. Earrings were purchased.


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  1. omg more LM! You guys are killing me! It's a conspiracy!!!!!!!!
    also, you look stunning.

  2. Those are gorgeous on you. I am loving them too!

  3. I just can't with how captivating your eyes look. You're so beautiful. And yeah, I've got Lacquer Rouge and it is one dynamite gloss. It's so pigmented!

  4. You look so beautiful in the photos! The shadows and that lip color were made for you!

  5. Thank you guys! The holiday collection from Laura Mercier this year is pretty amazing!

  6. I am having serious hair envy right now.

    1. I think we probably have the same hair!! :-) And thank you!

    2. And you are a dead ringer for my cousin....If I didn't know better, I'd wonder if we were related!

    3. Well, I ammmm in Baltimore and have lots of family here, it's quite possible, several times removed. But my hair in-person is actually a very bright magenta. I think it just photographed a little red thanks to the camera-phone I took it with.

  7. Those are great colors on you. Your baby blues look gorgeous in those shades. I'm going to be so weak and broke by the time I read everyone's post. So far two votes for these LM. It's going to kill me!

  8. Wow those eyeshadows are far more refined than I imagined. Such a soft and beautiful look! That red gloss is FABULOUS on you! These are some of the best pics I've seen of you. Love EVERYTHING about this look.


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