Lush's Emotional Brilliance is an Enigma

It's really hard for me to pass up a new type of product. So when I walked by Lush and saw the Emotional Brilliance color cosmetics finally on the shelves in my store, I had to look. Essentially, each little vial is a color, named after an emotion, that works for lips, eyes and cheeks. Each one comes in the same package of liquid powder. The liners come with liner brushes and the cheek/lip tints come with a doe foot. I'm told all of the products can be used anywhere on the face. Each are $22.95. These are curious little vials, I tell ya. These originally launched in July, but I hadn't been able to get my hands on them until now.

Each one is a liquid powder, and those intended to be liners are more gel than liquid. They don't spill. You can't really shake out the powder. You also can't really tell how much is in the bottle from the beginning. I suppose as you use it, you'll see the color fill line go down. They are a bit mysterious. The lip and cheek colors feel very smooth and are buildable and blendable. As a lipstick, it won't make it through eating or drinking (unless from a straw), but there is no weight, no stickiness or anything else for that matter.

(Bubbly & Motivation)

After checking out a ton of the colors and making a giant mess on my hands, I settled on lip color Bubbly and a gorgeous blue/teal, Motivation.

Bubbly is a really bright pink, a fun lip color that sheers out gorgeously as a blush. On me, it leans slightly peach, as all things tend to do.

I'm not a cool pink lipstick fan, but with my really red hair, it's the perfect blush. It has a hint of sparkle and melts into the skin, giving a naturally beautiful radiance.

Motivation is a peacock-y blue that glides on the lids and locks down. I did experience a little bit of a burn when I applied this, but it subsided in less than three minutes.


Normally, I get that sensation from liners with a lot of glitter, like UD or Too Faced, but it never subsides. The color and longevity is worth the minor and temporary irritation, in my opinion.

I'm not sure I love the idea of doing a liquid liner with this type of top. I like to have a little more control over the line. If the brush handle is this short, then I would want the brush itself to be more of an angled brush and not a liner. It just takes some getting used to. It's definitely a bit clumsy for me at first.

Overall, the color wears well, but the eye liner irritation is a little, well, irritating. If I were made of money, I would break into one of these to see just what is inside. Since I'm not made of money, that isn't going to happen quite yet. If I get the chance to smash one open, I'll be sure to film it and share. In the meantime, what do you think? Passing or buying?

I bought this.

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