Beauty Shorts: Inglot, Metallurgy OCC Lip Tars & Weird Phrases from 1930s Kansas

Every time I write a Beauty Shorts post, I think of this:

However, I'm actually talking about the products I am drooling over NOW that I don't have a lot to say about. Hence use of the word "short". But in my mind, I think of these "beautiful" shorts.

Too and decides*, here are the goods I can't stop thinking about right now. Have you seen them on shelves? Have you tried them? If you have, pretty please let me know all about them!

I want these new Double Sparkle shadows from Inglot. Available on the 17th, they are $8 each and I think I need to own all of them. Sadly, they aren't sold 'round these parts, so I'll have to wait until I hit NYC. Here is the official blurb about them, which is feeding my lust for sparkly shadows.

The Double Sparkle Eyeshadow will be available in 10 different shades and provides the coverage of matte but leaves an element of bling to your eyes. Each colour boasts three shades in one, which can be blended together or applied separately giving you a limitless variety of colour options! The frosty and pearl finishes can accentuate textural differences on the skin, and the double sparkle leaves intense colour saturation and reflective particles that won’t accentuate the fine lines of mature skin. 

I want them now!

Next, I'm kind of obsessed with sussing out a Sephora location that has these on the shelves. New for 2012 Holiday is the Metallurgy Collection of OCC Lip Tars. This new formula is said to give even more pigmented punch than the previous formula with a perfect metallic sheen. Six new shades are available for $16 each as of November 15. Hey Electric Grandma, come out, come out wherever you are! I need to find these to give them a whirl. Have you seen them yet? Please tell me all about it and send me a photo if you can!

*Too and decides is a phrase my Dad used to say and no one knows what it means. I THINK it means "anywho", but I reckon I'll never find out. My Dad had lots of great phrases that aren't common these days and maybe I'll start breaking them out for weather mentions. He has lots of interesting weather related phrases. He grew up in Kansas in the '30s. If you have parents from that time and area, ask if they know what "too and decides" means, please.

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  1. I really like OCC's Super NSFW and Authentic. I'll have to pick them up. I'm so glad OCC is now available in Sephora.


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