Are You Iconic?

Oxblood is everywhere, but if that trend is too dark for you, I've found the perfect red. It's pretty much the perfect red on everyone. It's available in different textures, so one is going to be exactly what you need to go with that LBD (or little sparkly dress) you just picked up for the holiday season.

Icon by Hourglass is a deep, beautiful, true red that looks stunning on everyone I've seen (as often as I've been suggesting this on shopping trips, it's a lot). On women with a deep, natural tone to their lips, it goes bright. On me, with very pale lips, it's a medium red. I can't explain why, but it is beautiful on each lip tone. It's also not too tacky, doesn't migrate and wears incredibly well.

If you want a long-wearing lipstick, this formula is creamy without being messy. If reds scare you, try the Rouge formula. It dries down to a long-wearing finish that doesn't move or dry out lips. Are you the boldest of the bold? Go for the sheer gloss and make a statement. It's very, very long-wearing. I'm talking like four to six hours of long wear. It's gorgeous.

(Wearing the gloss and the liner.)

There is also a liner to complete the looks and deepen each tone. I tried to find a less expensive version of the lip liner and there wasn't one that worked as well. It's a beautiful investment in looking confident. Are you bold enough be an Icon? Have you picked these up? Tell me which formula you prefer!

 I bought the Lip Rouge and the Panoramic Liner after receiving the Lipstick for review.

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