Anne's Chanel Look: Splurge vs Save

One of my beauty BFFs and I recently got the chance to go shopping together. Anne from Beauty Xpose got a makeover at Chanel and, while I coveted her purchases, I held back. I decided to see if I could re-create her look without the heavy price tag.

Part of what I love about her look is something that no makeup can give me. Anne is a classic Italian beauty. Olive skin, thick, high brows, gorgeous dark eyes. My pale, Irish self can never actually recreate her look, but it didn't stop me from trying. While I didn't get the liner quite right and my crease isn't as perfect as hers, is the overall difference worth the extra $125? I should point out that Anne gives fierce face and I can't compete with that (although I tried and failed.)

Would you splurge or save? Tell us in the comments and shop both looks below!

Shop Anne's Chanel Look:

Shop Kelly's Drugstore / Sephora Look:

Anne purchased most of the items mentioned above. I purchased everything mentioned in my look as well. Contains affiliate links.

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  1. The foundation is the only thing I would probably splurge on. Everything else looks very close to the same!

  2. I actually like your look better. She is gorgeous, but too severe for me.

  3. I always have to try samples of everything... although I would much rather go with the cheapest solution.. sometimes you get what you pay for.

  4. Are you calling my face cheap, Mouth? :-P

  5. First, I like the bombshell pout!!!! I like to mix and match. I splurge on foundies and scrimp on mascara, sometimes on lippies too.

  6. Anne is very pretty don't get me wrong, but you are a wholesome, natural beauty. I personally would rather have your look, regardless of makeup.


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