Tarte Holiday SmolderEYES Collection is a Must-Have

If you don't already know, one of the  many services I offer, besides fair and balanced reviews, is what I like to call a "Gouldylox To Go". This is where I take the Sephora-timid woman shopping to find the face that makes her the prettiest and most comfortable in her own skin. It doesn't have to be Sephora, but that seems to be the store everyone is most afraid to walk into by themselves.

The one product that I urge almost everyone to purchase is a SmolderEYES pencil from Tarte. These long-wearing, pretty colors are the easiest way EVER to get a smoky eye for the makeup-challenged. They have a longer "dry down" period than similar pencils, they are totally smudgeable and they don't move until you take them off. It couldn't be easier to get a gorgeous, pro-looking smoky eye.

For the 2012 holiday season, Tarte launched a collection of  SmolderEYES colors (plus a Skinny SmolderEYES black liner) that you need. The colors are too pretty to pass up, and priced at $39.00 for five plus a liner (instead of the normal $25 each), it's criminal to let these slip through your fingers without snagging a set (or two). My Gouldylox To Go gals should pick these up STAT.

These pencils melt on to the skin, with no pulling or dragging. Then you have about 15 seconds of dry down time where you can smudge the pigment into its perfect place. Once it has dried down, it isn't going to budge. Even through sweat, tears and going Gangnam Style at a wedding. I tested it last weekend at The Brownstone and it passed with flying colors. I love these pencils!

Skinny SmolderEYES black liner is great for smudging along the top of your eye. I would avoid using it on the bottom lashline or on your inner rim. This isn't the liner for that. However, if you want a super-smudged liner with a tendency to migrate under your lashes, this might be for you.

I'm not kidding. Pick these up before they are gone. You aren't likely to get another chance to snag these colors for $5.57 each for a long, long time. Sold at Sephora, ULTA and Tartecosmetics.com.

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  1. How do these compare to the new Laura Mercier liner set that just came out. I was going to get those, because the colors were so pretty and the price was right, but now I wonder if I should rethink that.

    1. In my opinion they are two different things and serve different purposes. The Laura collection (http://www.gouldyloxreviews.blogspot.com/2012/10/sneak-peek-holiday-mini-kohl-eye-liner.html) is better for lining your eyes and inner rim. The Tarte set is meant to be used almost as eyeshadow or a smoky, smudged line. The Laura collection can't be easily used to do a super-thick smudged look and the Tarte can't be used to do a simple, thin line. The Tarte skinny liner is NOT GOOD on your inner rim. I tried, it failed. But the other pencils are perfect for quick, smoky eyes or large cat eye looks.

  2. thanks for sharing.


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