Mally's Ultimate Performance Ink Liner Makes it Easy

Do the complicated eyeliner looks on the runway leave you feeling as if you are missing the gene to create a perfect cat eye? Mally Beauty has launched a new type of liner that is goof proof for even those who haven't spent hours practicing their lining skills.

Mally's Ultimate Performance Ink Liner gives you a different kind of control over lining your eyes. If you feel to klutzy to work a liner, a brush or even a pen, this liner has training wheels built in!

You hold the liner in the crook between your thumb and forefinger. The rest for your finger offers up a bit of built-in stability to help ensure no shaky hands. Start by placing the liner along your lid, pressing it gently along the lash line. Then go back to thicken up the line, or extend it out to create a dramatic cat eye.

On the other side, you'll have to line in reverse (or use your opposite hand). Granted, the other side takes a bit of practice, but after one or two tries, you'll be able to deliver runway results without the makeup artist.

Pick it up for $23.64 from the Q. Have you tried Mally's Ultimate Performance Ink Liner? Did the training wheels help you?

Tell me your favorite way to line your eyes in the comments!

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  1. Wow! This is the best review I have ever read. This blog is so amazing. I love it. I'm so glad I can finally leave comments now that you are back to the Blogger Comment module.

    By The Way, that liner looks like it might take a lot of getting used to for me. I'm an old dog that doesn't learn new tricks easily.


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