Hair Obsession: Nightly Pin Curls

If you've ever read this blog more than once, you know that I'm pale, I don't use sulfates and I'm growing my hair out. One way I've gotten my hair to grow longer than everyone expected (including myself and my stylist, Bethany Maglicane at Laboratorie) is by taking it easy every chance I can. My newest obsession was discovered by accident, after my day of train torture, because I can't hear very well in loud rooms.

I had just gotten a fantastic blow out from Dry Bar, where I learned that scrubbing the holy heck out of your head and blow drying your hair sideways makes it feel and look like you have a lot more volume than after just blow drying it down. I was at dinner with a client and we were chatting hair, specifically about how I could maintain my blowout over night. I thought she said, "I use bobby pins to pin up the curls every night."* Since my lovely amiga Meredith at Retrodiva's Beauty has said something similar to me in the past (or I'm making it all up, either are possible. I can't hear in crowds), I thought I'd give it a try.

I ran to the nearest CVS (where I used $9 in rewards money, thanks Beauty Club!) to score some bobby pins and a silk-like hair wrap to sleep in. I then rolled my hair up into cute little pin curls, pinned them into place, wrapped my head and went to sleep. (Reality check: I am not good at rolling pin curls and they do not look cute, like any of the models in photos you'll find if you google such a thing.)

Because I'm not looking for really tight curls or a specific type of waves, I tend to do about 10 pincurls, instead of covering my head in thirty smaller ones. My goal is to have waves below the ears, so when I pin them up, I focus on having the waves start there.

When I woke up the next morning, my scarf was on the floor (how do you get that to stay on? anyone?) but my hair was pretty great. I didn't use any spray or mousse or anything and my waves stayed in far longer than when I use heat. Plus, I can get up, tousle my hair, do my makeup and go. It literally doesn't get any easier than that.

What are your favorite ways for styling on the go? Tell me in the comments and be sure to like this post on Facebook, so we can stay in touch!

*She probably said, "I have bobby pins in my suitcase if you want some tonight." I really can't hear in crowds. I blame listening to my Walkman every day on the bus. My dad said that was gonna happen eventually...

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  1. We're loving your curls, who knew it could be so easy? Definitely trying this out soon, thanks for sharing


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