UPDATED! Gouldylox: Personal Beauty Shorts, Removing My Hair and Un-Aging My Face.

I haven't been able to post as often as I would like because I've been beyond busy. I haven't even been able to chat with friends, on line, in person or even on the phone (I mean texts. Who actually talks on the phone?). I've been bouncing between LA and NYC for my day job for the last four weeks. For the time being, today is my last trip to NYC for the month. WHEW. I feel like I haven't had a moment to spare since August!

While I've barely been able to keep my head above water, I've tried a lot of products, made some life changes and spruced up the blog a bit!

First, let's discuss what's new on this site. I didn't have time to respond to all of your emails about product recommendations or to update my holy grail list with products that were pretty stellar. Instead, I've added a Gouldylox Shop tab above that I can update really, really easily. This contains almost all of the products I'm raving about, so you won't have to dig through reviews to find that SPF I was talking about last week. I have to tell you that these products are connected to stores through affiliate links so, if you purchase, I could make pennies on your sale. Check it out in the tabs above!

I've also started posting all kinds of random beauty (and otherwise) musings on Instagram. Follow me, will ya? I'm Gouldylox!

I've also taken out my hair extensions. They were really, really fun for a month, but I was starting to miss my own hair. To remove EasiHair Pro extensions, you spray isopropyl alcohol on the bonds and they slide right out. Afterwards, mist a small-toothed comb with alcohol and run it through your hair to remove any traces of glue. Also, do it in front of a mirror, where you are carefully sectioning your hair, not while watching Real Housewives fight over if their husbands love them. Things get messy fast! I love them and perhaps I'll put them in again. But right now, I love seeing my actual hair again (although I feel BALD).

Today, I'm hitting the city really early for a Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction Treatment from Dr. Paul Lorenc. Pelleve is a treatment that uses radiowaves to soften wrinkles on the face by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin.  PellevĂ© technology delivers energy quite precisely to the dermal tissue, which induces collagen contraction and stimulation without damaging the surface layer of the skin. I should have brighter, tighter skin that lasts much longer than injectibles. I can't wait to share the before and after photos! Too curious to wait? Check out other photos here.

Afterwards, I'm heading over to the Dry Bar on 16th for a blowout and floater. I didn't name the latter (it's a scalp massage). I'm banking on my style staying for two days, so please tell me which you suggest. I'm leaning towards a Cosmo-tai or Southern Comfort, as I want body and volume. But it also needs to withstand the weather and me sleeping on it. If you've been, please let me know what you think!

Finally, after my binge eating and Terminator confessions, I've decided to go back to Weight Watchers. Hopefully talking about it publicly will hold me accountable! If you are weighing in and want to share your successes, favorites or what you eat for desserts, please share here or drop me a line. I'd LOVE to hear from you and support each other!


So my day did not go well. I had a plan. And clearly, the Universe had a different plan in mind. Here's what happened.

I got up at 4am and made it to the train station at 4:45. I walked in, only to see this.

Apparently, the lines were down (whatever that means) and no trains were running. So I went back to my car and tried to go back to sleep. Clearly, I was not making my Pelleve appointment, which I was so looking forward to! I started to fall asleep in my car, when my Sirius Satellite radio stopped working. I've been battling customer service over my account for weeks, which makes my blood boil. So I called customer service, just like my dashboard display suggested. Except they were closed. Now, mad and wondering how the Hulk Hogan interview would go, I couldn't sleep.

I eventually went back into the station and befriended someone's Bubbe and a  group of TBS Sports Production Crew guys, who were trying to get to NYC for the playoffs. Moments before they were about to book the motorcoach I helped them secure, which they promised me a seat on, Vince, my new hero, said, "There is one train leaving. It's diesel, so it doesn't need power. Go get on it now."

So I ran towards the train, dragging a the TBS Sports crew and a someone's Bubbe who has never ridden a train before, in tow. It's crazy how fast people make friends and bond in a "crisis". Bubbe got a seat and quickly befriended her seat mate and I settled in to watch a movie on my Ipad. It was then I realized I had no headphones.  Determined to have a good day, I did the old fashioned thing and read a book (on my Ipad).

I finally got to NYC and made it to Dry Bar, which was lovely. I ran into the beautiful Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot. Considering we have a mutual friend from college, not the beauty world, NYC suddenly seemed very small. I opted for the Cosmo-Tai and hoped for big, beautiful hair. It was the best blow out ever. If they have a Dry Bar in your town, it's worth going if for no other reason than to learn how to yield a brush like a weapon. Here is my hair afterwards. Oh yeah, did I mention it started to rain the second I walked into Dry Bar? So while my hair fell slightly thanks to the weather, it still looked amazing.

To get real volume and movement, here is what I learned. I know, it's basic, but if you take the time to DO IT, it will make a huge difference in your hair. Start by adding a smoothing serum and nothing else.

Then section your hair into smaller, brush-sized sections. Hold each section perpendicular from from your head and blow it dry, using a round brush. Then, use the round brush to blow it dry in the exact opposite direction. Do that all over your head and you'll get movement like you've never seen before! It seems obvious, but taking the time to do it makes all of the difference in the world.

I left Dry Bar in my second attempt to get to the derm's office to learn about Pelleve. After thirty-five minutes and less than 10 blocks, I gave up and cancelled for the second time that day. I jumped in a different cab, with a driver who wasn't challenging everyone to a fist fight, and arrived at my hotel. Which was lovely and had its own bathroom, despite being incredibly small.

So I never made it to see a man about a fancy face treatment, but my hair looked fabulous and I got invited to go behind the scenes at the MLBA Playoff Game in NYC (I didn't go). It could have been worse. My co-workers ended up on a Mega Bus that was stuck behind an accident that closed 95 North for several hours.

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