Gloss Obsessed: How Kate Middleton Does It


Kate Middleton has the glossiest hair of anyone I've seen. Sure, it's healthy and beautiful, but how on earth is it THAT shiny? She's outside all of the time and last I've checked, it rains on that side of the pond, doesn't it? Rumors link the sheen back to her hairdressers in London, Richard Ward of the Richard Ward Salon, but surely it takes more than masterfully wielded shears to give that much shine, right? While no one may know for sure, I suspect she's using Couture Hair Gravitiser Sleekening Cream by Richard Ward. According to his website:

This "multi-tasking styling cream contains heat & UV protection, and AQUARICH®, a unique advanced moisture compound to help counteract frizz and damage and increase shine. With Wheat Protein and Crambe Oil this lightweight cream gives super sleekness, leaving you with ‘slim-feeling’, bulk-reduced sleekness without residue or oiliness."

Let me get this straight; ladies with loads of hair can have sleek, full hair? I thought that was only a pipe dream of mine. At £18.00 ($29), I'm really tempted to ask one of my mates in London to ship me a bottle! If it works for Kate, maybe it would work for my hair? I need to know! Have any of my friends tried this? If so, please let me know what you thought. I'm so curious to see what it would do to my very thick and frizz-prone hair! And if I can get shine like Kate Middleton, I'm all over it.

Want a little bit of the Duchess for yourself? Schedule an appointment at the Richard Ward Salon by calling 020 7730 1222. At this time, you can't schedule using salon software, but with more than 30 stylists hand picked by Richard, I'm sure you can get in without too much of a wait! If you go, please tell me what you think of the Couture Hair Gravitiser Sleekening Cream. I'm dying to know if it will answer my hair woes!

I haven't bought this yet, but I just might if the shipping doesn't kill me. May contain affiliate links. Contains advertorial content.

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  1. Kelly, I too am gloss obsessed!! Since I have hit my late 40's (ugh) my hair has gotten WAY less shiny. So sad. I have been using sulfate-free Alterna Caviar products but haven't found the perfect glossing product for my very fine wavy hair. Their shine boost (Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging 3-Minute Shine Boost) weighs my hair down so much I can't cope. If you ever learn Kate M.'s gloss secret please share!!


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