GKHair Four In One Curling Iron Set

I have a love/hate relationship with clipless curing irons. I am never sure which size is going to give me the results I am looking for and I always wish I had a decent protective glove. I have the Sultra Bombshell and, while I love it, it doesn't give me any options other than plugging it in and using it. Frustrated by the lack of versatility, I set out looking for an iron that was just as good, but offered up styling and heat options.


I found it in the GKHair Four In One Iron. This iron comes with four differently sized attachable rods. Each one steps it up by a half inch, giving you ringlets or beachy, barely bent waves. Each detachable iron is ceramic, so it heats evenly. They also contain tourmaline, a mineral known for it's hair-smoothing abilities.


The base has a temperature gauge that allows you to control the temperature. The rod heats all the way up from 140 to 410 degrees in less than 2 minutes, and has a textured grip so you aren't likely to lose control when using the iron. It also comes with a heat glove to protect your fingers until you learn to go clipless like a pro.


I always forget which rods give what kind of curl. So I thought I would demonstrate what each rod can do, so you'll know exactly what kind of looks you can expect from the GKHair Four In One.


Which one is right for you? My favorite is the 1&1/4-inch. It gives my hair bouncy waves that last!

Instead of spending $40+ on each size, score the whole set for less than $25 per barrel! Pick it up for yourself at Folica.com!

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  1. Looks like a great product! I love curling wands, I have a Karmin G3 Clipless and even though it's 1 inch I get a lot of versatility.

  2. Your hair looks very curly , I think its very effective product . Often i want also curly hair . so i think i need on
    Curling Iron


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