Diary of My Coolway Experience

I love getting to test out products others are nervous to try. Sure, sometimes I end up with slight chemical burns, but then you'll know what to do or not do, right? (Do NOT use skin-lightening products and accidentally add a retinol. OUCH.) I always have little details I forget to tell you that seemed IMPORTANT when I was thinking about them later in the shower, so I thought I would keep a diary of my latest beauty adventure.

I recently got a chance to try The Coolway System, which was the winner of Allure's Breakthrough Product of 2012. In a nutshell, what it does is allow you to style your hair faster and without using hair-scorching temperatures. According to Coolway:

Achieving the proper moisture content within hair makes it look full, healthy, and strong, while preventing humidity and frizz. Smoothing products that coat hair with Silicone don't offer long-term results, because they evaporate quickly and do not keep the hair hydrated. Many women also resort to hot tools to tame hair and eliminate frizz. This creates long-term damage as studies show that high heat styling done always at over 320°F evaporates moisture from hair, causing hair to break and become dry and brittle.
°Coolway created a Moisture Lock™ system, and a completely different approach to styling hair with a Patent pending °Coolway Transform Spray and AutoSense Styler. Hair transformation begins with the Coolway Transform Spray that works by infusing moisture deeply into your hair, locking in hydration so hair is always moisturized. Transform also allows you to style your hair using low heat under 299°F at the precise temperature for your hair needs, ensuring you do not damage your hair with high heat tools. With more moisture in your hair, blow drying time is cut in half as heat is now transferred efficiently through the hair.

Sounds great, right?  Here is what you do. You wash your hair as normal, but instead of conditioning, follow up with the Coolway Boost Serum which is included in your kit. You only need to do this the first time you use the system. Then, while your hair is damp, follow the directions on the back of the Coolway spray bottle and apply it to your hair. Then, blow dry your hair until it is about 90% moisture-free. Using the patented AutoSense Styler, clamp the flat iron to your hair, smoothing over the same area until the iron beeps. When it beeps, read the display to get your ideal heat setting. Then, if everything goes according to plan, while you are using the Coolway spray, you'll be able to curl, flatiron  and style your hair using your ideal temperature.

Be sure to re-check your ideal temperature every few days. It will drop the more you use the system. I'm very leery of this, based on my experience of trying to gain waves or volume using curlers that only heat to 250 degrees. But always up for a test, I accepted the challenge. Here is my diary.

Day 1: I shampooed with my regular It Factor and used the Boost as the conditioner. It's not as hydrating as I would like, but for the sake of science, that is all I did. I then sprayed my hair with about 30 pumps of the Coolway spray and combed it through. I blew dry my hair and used the Coolway flat iron. My magical number is 293. That is way lower than the 400 I normally use. I know for a fact that my hair will NOT hold a curl or wave at anything under 350. I've tried. This will be interesting. My hair made it through the day, without frizz. Granted, I did wear it straight, but the frizz stayed away, despite it being rainy outside. I was shocked!

Day 2: I decided that if hold and lack of frizz were two of this product's selling points, I would go for a wavy look instead of a straight one. I know my hair does not stay in waves for more than a moment if heat is under 350 (proof). It's also raining today, so it's a great day to judge. My hair definitely fell somewhat by the end of the day. To be fair, that was after six walks in the rain, sans umbrella.

This is my hair right after I did it. Messy waves, which I don't expect to stay in at such a low temperature. Plus the weather was not great that day.

Not nice looking outside at all and certainly not a good hair day.

Here is my hair about four hours after I did it. I had also walked outside a few times (and had forgotten my umbrella, which isn't the most scientific way I could have handled this test). Still, I'm overjoyed I have waves and bounce left. In fact, I'm shocked.

Here is my hair about eight hours later. I can't believe it's still so full of volume and movement! Considering my previous attempts at curling hair at less than 300 degrees only lasted for a minute or two, this is fairly amazing.

Day 3:  I am not good at flat iron waves. I don't know how I managed it yesterday, but today I couldn't do it. So I opted to analyze my hair temperature using the flat iron, which was 274. I then used a controlled temperature curling iron and like MAGIC, my hair stayed in place all day, with curl. That has never happened before.

Day 4: Today, my magic number was 274 again and I only touched up a few waves from the previous day. All day hold again. My hair is soft, shiny and feels really nice!

Day 5:
My number was 272 and I redid my waves after I slept on my hair strangely. I believe my Dad would say it looked like I "stirred it with the lawnmower". My waves are lasting, only falling slightly by the end of the day, and I'm still gobsmacked by the results!

After five days, I decided to wash my hair and see if the effects truly wash out after two shampoos without any Boost Serum or Coolway Spray. After I shampooed the product out, the magic was starting to leave. My hair still looked really nice, but its ability to hold curl with low heat was significantly diminished. After the second washing, my hair's ability to remain wavy with low heat was back to being nonexistent. By the way, my color was not affected one bit by Coolway!

If you are looking for a way to improve the health of your hair, and are addicted to styling it with heat, this system works. The science stands to reason that, in time, it will improve the overall quality of your hair. It's well worth checking out! It's not the cheapest solution on the planet, but if you want to maintain and improve the condition of your hair, try it! If you are working to grow your hair longer than usual, lessening the amount of heat you use is one of the keys to maintaining healthy hair. This could be a great option to get longer hair!

Have you tried this? How did it work for you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. It looks like you had amazing results. I never probably would have believed that was possible if I hadn't read your post and seen your pictures. Pleasantly amazed!

  2. Thanks for sharing your haircare history on your blog.

  3. thank you very much for your post!! very informative! can't wait to try!

  4. I usually wash my hair at night, so is it possible to wash and condition my hair at night, apply the boost serum, and then blow dry and just use the flat iron in the morning?

    1. I wondered the same thing! I got mixed results doing that, but it still worked. Just perhaps not as well as if you did it all at once....


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