Davines Pure Pigments Makeover & FOTD

I get my hair colored every four weeks. My stylist Bethany and I like to play mad scientist and see what we can create. By we, I mean her. She gives me options and then we pick something. Last month, it was really bright orange, thanks to Davines Pure Pigments. The month before that, we added an ombre using the Davines Flamboyage technique. This month, we went red. Yes, redder than the ombre turned out and we didn't use any bleach.

Which changed everything. My beloved peaches aren't doing the trick. My whole color palette had to change. I love the red color, but the makeup to wear with the color was a different ballgame. I reached out to Phyrra, one of the blogosphere's queens of alt colors to ask what I should do. She suggested I look at colors like Morgana Cryptoria's Raisin Shimmer, a beautiful purple shimmer, but it was sold out. So I started to dig through the crate to see what colors might be similar.

I have a lot of makeup, so it was a lot to consider. I didn't even look at glosses, or anything peach. These were just the lippies.

Here's the result!


(Loxy thinks I should be doing more Halloween posts. So he tried to scare me.)



Hourglass Film Noir Kohl Eye Pencil in Eclipse (designed for the inner rim!)


Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD630 (This color has been discontinued. RD 613 looks like it's very similar.)

Get the look for yourself.  The products are below! Have you ever changed your hair color and then had to change everything else? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. LOVE the hair! You look beautiful!

  2. I think you did a good job of picking colors to go with your new hair. My natural hair is a light brownish, ashy blonde type of color. When I finally went crazy and dyed it black and blue, it really showed me just how much my natural coloring went with everything. Instead of muted colors, I had to stick with very clear, vibrant colors. Jewel tones are my favorite, so it wasn't really that bad.

  3. You look beautiful, and the hair colour really suits you. :)

    I once lightened my hair by a few shades. It went from dark, almost black brown with reddish highlights to a dark golden brown. I found darker makeup colours didn't look as flattering on me anymore and had to switch to lighter colours to match my hair.

  4. When costuming, I wear wigs a lot and my makeup palette has to change with every color of wig. It's fine as long as I think about it ahead of time instead of putting on makeup that goes with my own hair, and then plop on a wig and have to start over!


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