Are You Ready for CC Creams?

My good friend, Michelle, recently asked me for a foundation recommendation for her sister, Melissa. She wanted something to help cover newly appearing age spots, but not something that would leave her sister feeling like she was wearing a mask. I suggested Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, applied with a damp sponge or stippling brush. It's my current go-to foundation I use when I'm not reviewing. It was then that Michelle said, "What about CC Creams? Would they work?"

Clearly, I don't live under a rock when it comes to these things. But when Michelle one-ups my knowledge, I know I need to pay attention.

Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter reported in August that a new category of products, CC Creams, were shelf-bound this fall. Allure said that a CC Cream helps even out tone, essentially aiding with correction and color (the two C's). These creams "are like BB cream on steroids" and they moisturize better, working harder to correct skin tone. Also from Allure, "Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting Moisturizer launches this October. The tinted formula contains 2-percent N-acetyl glucosamine and 4-percent niacinimide." The duo is 'highly effective at reducing the appearance of pigmentation at six and eight weeks,' says Mary Johnson, a scientist for Procter & Gamble, makers of Olay."

So color me confused. I thought the original purpose of BB Creams was to act as skin care, and their main purpose was to moisturize, fight fine lines and wrinkles, lighten the skin, provide SPF protection and provide a pretty makeup base. Apparently, after the sudden international success of BB Creams, the slew of "BB Creams" introduced to the American market weren't actually like real BB Creams. Many companies seemed to have converted their tinted moisturizer into a BB Cream with almost no skin care, missing the point of authentic BB Creams. Perhaps this re-do of the product is our attempt to get it right and corner the market on what people are really looking for in a BB Cream? If you read reviews of people who really like true Korean BB Creams, like on Musings of a Muse, you already know that they aren't a fan of the majority of BB creams that hit shelves in the States this year.

Maybe CC Creams are an attempt to right that wrong? Or maybe it's just another way to sell the same cream? What do you think? Would you try one or are you over it? Tell me in the comments if you've tried anything labeled a CC Cream, please! Olay's CC Cream should be hitting shelves any second now, available in three shades: Fair to Light, Light to Medium, Medium to Dark. They will retail for around $25 each.

On the night I was writing this, I happened to find an Olay CC Cream in Fair to Light at my CVS. While I'll review it completely after I've had the chance to wear it, here are some photos.

Update: Some of you have questioned the packaging differences above and below, as they are slightly different. When I purchased this, I specifically asked the beauty merchandiser if the product was new, and she showed me where the SKU's are new (including a "new" sticker on the tag). She believes this is the same product, but in older packaging. The ingredient list on my package is exactly the same as the ingredients listed on the website. Therefore, I have to conclude that the product is the same. Olay is selling old product as a re-branded CC Cream.

(Fair to Light swatched)

(wearing Fair to Light CC Cream)


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  1. You know I'd definitely be interested in this but the problem I have with all of these drugstore brands is that they don't do shades beyond medium. And when they do a brown one there's only one shade - dark. It gets a little frustrating :(

  2. I wonder how dark their "dark" actually is? The fair to light is not really fair enough for anyone paler than I am (I don't think.) Maybe eventually if people like the revamped CC Creams, darker colors will be available.

  3. I don't think that Olay product you tried is the new CC cream. The packaging looks totally different from your own picture at the top and the one on the Olay website. The product you tried has been around for awhile.

    1. I'm pretty sure it is. The only thing missing is the CC sticker, which may be they key to the fact that they are retrofitting something that was already in the pipeline to fit this new concept. The person at CVS said the SKU was new and that they just received it. I asked, because the packaging was slightly different. You could be right, because I thought the same thing, but the beauty merchandiser said it was a brand new product.

    2. I am totally confused now because the Muse also said that it is now a new product at all but just the "old" one re-branded. They make it sound like a whole new thing on the Olay website - if it is just a re-packaged product that is so misleading! (I hope I didn't sound snarky in my comment!)

    3. You aren't snarky at all! I think the fact that I bought the product in the old packaging and that the ingredients are exactly the same show the truth is all about marketing to make money. Juice Beauty does have one coming out soon, and the CC cream product does already exist in other countries. In some cases, this appears to be MORE hype and retrofitting products that aren't exactly what we are being told they are. ie: Tinted moisturizers are now called BB Creams and whatever this Tone Correcting thing is now a CC cream, because it has more pigment and stronger ingredients. Beauty marketing is all about finding a niche and fitting their brand into it, so you can expect to see a lot of similar products branded as CC creams in the near future. Perhaps if you really want to experience a CC cream, purchasing one from overseas is your best bet? That said, I tried that with a BB Cream and had a horrific reaction, similar to a chemical burn. It contained an ingredient not usually sold in the states in products you put on your face, so beware. I'll update the post with a photo of the ingredients so you can see that what I purchased is exactly the same as what they are now re-branding as a CC Cream.

  4. Well hello there! In this blog post did you base on any researches or here are totally your own conclusions? Can't wait to see your reply.


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