Makeup Wars: The Gouldylox Fall Face

This fall, jewel tones are the main shades everyone is talking about. But somewhere, someone has a brown agenda. Someone has made the decision that browns are back. And while I could live with the Courtney Cox take on the brown makeup look, I cannot re-live the other Courtney and her super pale, matte face and dark and over-drawn lipstick. Didn't heroin chic come after the brown trend of the 90s? The nineties were just such a weird time for beauty....I'd much rather have trends from the 80s, but since it's going to happen, I tried to capture a slightly more modern version of a brown fall look for this battle in Makeup Wars!

To do this, I focused on colors that had a little more sheen and pop than the traditional 90's matte shades, but were still more brown than nude. I kept my skin looking dewy, opting for peachy cream blush Dynamo from MAC, which is partially made of magic. It's also technically an eyeshadow, but who cares? It's perfect as a blush, if you can find it. This shadow reflects light differently than just one shade of peach, yet your skin shows through, looking natural and really delicate.  I also used the Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contouring Palette to give my cheek hollows a little oomph.

On the eyes, I opted for Mally's new Citychick In The Buff shadow palette. I chose some of the colors with a little more sheen and brightness than that look of the 90s. Egyptian Gold, Toast and Chocolate Diamond, the last three shades on the right, gave my eyes a pretty yet understated glow. My colors wore all day, thanks to the shadow base included in the palette. I did stay true to using a shadow to line the eyes, instead of the very contemporary cat eye. This gives you more of a smoldering look in contrast to the hard lines of the 90s.

 On the brows, I used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow, which stays until you take it off. I finished with a healthy dose of mascara from Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara. The shape of the partially flat, partially curved brush does wonders to extend and pump up your lashes.

On the lips, I opted for one of my go-to shades, Refined by Makeup Geek. This color is perfect for other fair redheads, wears really well and can be easily made to look more sheer. It also has a touch of blue, which makes your teeth look perfect.

I also skipped the finishing powder, as my Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation provides incredible wear and doesn't need any help staying in place. It's already a matte foundation that I've made dewier around my eyes and cheeks. This helps to camouflage  the fine lines keep appearing against my will. I covered up my slightly dark circles with Tarte Maracuja's concealer, one of my favorite concealers ever. I added a touch of glow from Orlane's Highlighter, which has a touch of salmon color to it, which works wonders. (I recently overslept before a shoot and this was all I used. I looked well-rested and fresh-faced, despite feeling the exact opposite way!)

What is your favorite fall look? Check out the other looks in this series of Makeup Wars below!  Whose look is your favorite? Tell me in the comments after checking out my Makeup Wars friends.

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  1. You look beautiful. I love your choice of colors and I love how you put them together.

  2. Love your fall look. Why have I not seen that palette yet? GORGEOUS! I can't get enough of the natural eye palettes. I will be buying that pronto!

  3. CarleenPruessCoulterOctober 3, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    I love the look"! Those shades are perfect on you!

  4. This is an amazing look on you! WOW! No wonder that's a go to lip for you. It's perfect. Loving the subtle smokyness of your eyes!

  5. Aw, thanks!! I knew you didn't dislike me for real!! ;-p

    Please forgive typos. Sent from my mobile.

  6. YOU LOOK SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! Sorry I'm shouting, but you really do! I love that lipstick on you! It's perfect! LOVE the KVD Tattoo foundation too! :-)

  7. Pretty sure I do *not* have to tell you how much the Mally palette is my life. This is a really great look for you!

  8. Very pretty! I am dying to try Mally Beauty. Oh, and I know...can't believe 90s fashion and mu are back!

  9. Love, love, love that lip color on you! I love the tarte Maracuja concealer too--it's fab.

  10. I like how natural yet made up it looks... if that made any sense. Haha :D You look pretty :)


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