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I've been traveling way more than I would like to this year. I've been to LA a few times, NYC countless times and several smaller cities in between. If you've ever been (un)lucky enough to travel with me, you know packing is not my forte. I'm really bad at it. I'm really good at throwing stuff in a bag and trying to find it when I land. Which isn't helpful. Luckily, I have makeup bags to stop my shadows from making a mess. That is a start, I suppose.

But I had nothing for my hair. And now that I have longer hair, I have a lot of products that go with it. Hairspray, anti-humidity spray, hair oil, dry shampoo, colored dry shampoo, heat protectant spray, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, multiple brushes, hairdryer, curling iron, flat iron and loads of bobbys, barrettes, headbands and hairpins. I'm not really a planner, I'm more of a plan for everything so I can be a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. Carrying all of that around is certain to lead to inflight explosions and missing pieces. Not to mention, not being able to find things when I need them.

Enter Pollyseon bags. This collection of stylish, durable and smart designs feature bags for industry pros and men and women who love their hair products. The Stow + Go Essentials collection offers bags specifically designed to handle hot irons, large hair dryers, products and brushes, or everything at once. The Professionals Line also includes a case for shears as well as the other bags featured in the Stow + Go line.

I got the chance to check out the Iron case and the Universal case during my trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. While my trip turned out to be more work than fashion, I have to admit that my hair products were the most organized part of my trip.

First, let's look at the Iron case. This case is made of sturdy, heat-resistant materials, with strong stitches and a zipper that allows for a little more breathing room in the case, should you need it. This case is significantly longer than my flatirons. At first, I thought it was a little odd to be so long. Then I used it for my Sarah Potempa Beach Waver, the longest iron I own. Even that fit perfectly. The zipper allows for you to make sure everything is neat and tidy before you lock it all into place.

I put a freshly unplugged iron into the case several times and never had an issue with heat transference on to other items in my suitcase or with damage to the bag or iron. It even has a roll out mat that saves tabletops from heat damage.

The Universal Case is one of my most favorite discoveries this year. It holds so much. I easily fit a teasing brush, comb, small roller brush, large roller brush, beach wave spray, hair and anti-humidity sprays and tons of little hair accessories with no problem.

When you open the bag, there is a mini handle that allows you to carry the bag as a usable portable hair station. When you zip it back up, you can throw the bag in your suitcase and be ready to move on. This bag can hold its own and is made with quality as its first priority. Nothing on this bag in chintzy or cheap. Everything is stylish, hardy and hardworking.

(This is what I fit in my Pollyseon Universal. Not including barrettes, bobby pins, etc. )

These bags are not the most inexpensive bags I've ever seen, but you get what you pay for. If you're traveling often and spending money on pricey dryers, brushes and products, this line gives you a lot to consider. Check them out yourself at Pollyseon.

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