Packing for LuckyFABB & MBFW Shows My True Colors

 I've been traveling a lot lately. Last week, I was in LA for a shoot and this week, I'm in NYC for the LuckyFABB Conference, pre-fashion week stuff and editing the spot I just shot.

However, I'm in no way a fashionista. In fact, one of the whole purposes of this blog is to tell my non-fashionista friends how to rock a fierce face, even if they don't have the confidence to wear the styles in Vogue that go with the eyeliner trends. Being a non-fashionista is no problem behind the warm and happy glow of my monitor. However, I have to leave my safe haven, surrounded by shadow palettes and face cream, and go into the den of judge-y people who excel where I usually fail.

So to prep myself, I sought the advice of a few of my friends. Perhaps the best advice I got, was from my friend Paula of Older Girl Beauty who politely reminded me that no one is actually there to see me.  Jeans and Chucks are just fine, as you are there to work as a model, not get a contract or to sell your line. Knowing that with the addition of a bow tie, I could dress like multiple versions The Doctor squibbled together and be just fine, makes me happy. Sure, I still can't walk in heels and am bad at posing for photos, but I'm confident I won't cry silently in the bathroom, while skinnier girls mock me.

Still not sure what to wear, I did what every good girl does. I asked my cousin, whom I lovingly call Worm (it's a long story that isn't so great). Wormylox* basically studies fashion semi-professionally and is recently retired from being plus-sized. When she found out chances would be high that I would be meeting Rachel Zoe, she jumped into action. Considering I'm still plus-sized, I was thrilled to take her advice and her clothes. She promptly gave me boxes of clothes that she was going to consign. What are my must-have's for the week? Black and mustard skinny jeans, a chambray shirt, a bright reddish-orange blazer, a silky sheath dress and a really cute onesie that I can't imagine I would wear, despite her swearing I'll love it.

In the meantime, I've got my easy to pack travel kits READY. I'm taking the guess work out of skincare, by going with Jan Marini's Skin Care Management System. I'm taking some LA Fresh wipes for handle polish changes (you never know) and quick cleansing for makeup changes or fixes. For hair, I've got my Macadamia Natural Oil travel kit (you can't pry this from my hands), which goes EVERYWHERE with me. It's amazing for all situations.

It's only for four days (this week) and I am determined to take the small suitcase. I promise to post photos of my looks and if I pulled off the small suitcase. Be sure to follow me on twitter @Gouldylox to see what's happening (or how many times I've fallen, whilst trying to wear big girl shoes). If I know myself, I'll laugh so hard, Auntie Anne's pretzel bits will come out of my nose, I'll fall trying to wear heels enough to make a drinking game of it and pronounce Rachel Zoe's name like Zooey Deschanel. To her face. (I'm still having flashes of not being able to remember Whitney Port's name while interviewing her. I didn't watch the show and she wasn't a fashion maven yet. Still, I suppose there is no excuse.) Whatever. I'm nothing if not graceful.** Please say hi on twitter (or in person if you're here!) and offer me kind words for when I undoubtedly knock over a table of jeans or something equally embarrassing.

*in case you aren't sure why her name went from Worm to Wormylox, it's how the naming conventions on this blog go. If you are related to me, you get a Lox in your name. If you are just my amiga or cohort, you get a ridiculous name because I like to give them out.  

** that is a straight up lie. 

Everything in this post shown was given to me. I think. I might have bought some of the clothes. For the most part, I'm a full on moocher in this post.

Official disclosure/disclaimer statement can be found here.
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