Hourglass Opaque Rouge Lipsticks Give Full Color With No Heavy Feel

Hourglass is a brand that never lets me down with their unique products. Their formulations may not be for everyone, but when you fall for an Hourglass product, you fall hard. Their Veil Mineral Primer is hands down one of the best on the market. If you want super dark, thick, intensely dangerous lashes, try the Film Lash Noir. It's unlike anything else you've tried for your lashes.

I feel similarly about their new Opaque Rouge Lipsticks. If you are the type of lipstick lover who swipes and goes, leaving a glossy pout behind, these may not be for you. However, if you don't mind paying attention to the details, you want really long-wear, unrivaled pigmentation and don't mind a lip that isn't hydrating, this is perfect for you.

Let's talk about wear time first. I've been able to get five hours or more out of these colors, easily. Granted, if I'm eating or drinking through something that isn't a straw, it won't last as long. This color isn't likely to migrate, melt or move. You could get an even longer wear time, depending on what you are doing.

As far as the claim that it isn't drying, I'm not 100% sold that it's true. I do find that these are more drying than other similar products, but the dryness isn't overwhelming. I prefer my lips to feel plush. Perhaps matte and plush don't really go together. I prefer to go for slightly less wear time (and ditch the matte concept) and add a bit of hydrating lip balm on top of the lipstick. That said, Canvas is one of my go to shades that I can't be without right now. Matte or not, it's my lips but better.

Now for the pigment. These lippies don't quit. It's almost like 100% pure pigment. I don't know if I've come across a lipstick that covered quite as opaquely as this product does. Normally, when something is in the neighborhood of this pigmented, it's easy to smear or flake. But these colors aren't going to budge. And for having so much color, they go on razor thin, with almost no feeling on the lips, besides a slight matte finish.

Check them out for yourself at Hourglasscosmetics.com or at Sephora for $28. They are available in nine colors, ranging from pink to bright tangerine, but skipped my beloved peaches. No matter, Canvas is fulfilling my fall needs right now.

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  1. Tangerine looks really pretty on you! I just tried one of these (in Riviera) but I totally agree with all of the points you made--especially about it being really pigmented but not heavy on my lips.

  2. Wow, Canvas is absolutely gorgeous!! It looks beautiful on you and seems like it would be a really universal color

  3. Thank you!!! I've only tried one Lip Tar and you are right. These are similar, but not as sticky as the Lip Tar I tried was (from the line that launched the product.)

  4. These sound similar to OCC Lip Tars in their finish and pigmentation.

    They look really pretty on, and your hair looks great!


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