Tweezerman Pro Curl Lash Curler Does Not Lie

I am a lash curler fiend. I have tried the Shu, the Shiseido, the COVERGIRL, the heated Sephora curler and countless others. I've pleaded with my blogger friend Paula, to help me find a curler with a different lash shape, that's shorter and fits my eyeballs without  pinching, pulling or squeezing. While the Shiseido does a great job, I've found one even better.

The Tweezerman Pro Curl Lash Curler is my new favorite for the non-doe-eyed. It never pinches. It never pulls. Sure, most curlers say that, but they lie. This Tweezerman lash curler is not a liar. Let's look at why it speaks the truth (assuming your eyes are not doe-shaped or particularly narrow).

It's shaped differently from my beloved Shiseido.

It's shorter, for one. By shorter, I mean it isn't as wide. So those tiny lashes that get caught from the bottom and make my eyes water will never get caught again. It also follows the curve of my eye more closely, which means no more pinching my actual lid. Which makes total sense, since my lids are more Irish than Asian. Many of the really legendary curlers follow a slightly more narrow curve. This curler, well, it curves more.

It also hugs my fingers for precise control. Other curlers have wider finger holds, which allow for slipping. This fits my hand like a glove. (Which I would really only need if I were some kind of Edward Scissorhands for lash curls, but it's still easier to use without slipping.)

This curler is also a really pretty rose gold tone and stands out on a vanity. Pick it up for $20.00 anywhere Tweezerman is sold.

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  1. The Shu has been my HG for my half-asian eyes. I got a few years ago, I know it's a lot harder to find nowadays.


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