Too Faced Three Way Lash Lining Tool is Genius.

I love my eyeliner. In fact, after lipstick, it's the item I am most likely to purchase on a whim. So when Too Faced launched a new eyeliner, Three Way Lash Lining Tool, that was totally different from everything on the market, I was going to have to check it out.

If you haven't already seen it in stores or in the magazines, it's a black liner that gives a thick or thin line with a patent leather shine. However, the brush is really what makes this different. Instead of a typical liner brush with one degree of angle or another, it has two small notches. These notches are perfect for idiot-proof tightlining. The main goal of tightlining is to get in between each lash with a dot of color, giving your lash base a thicker appearance without actually looking like you've lined your eyes (not actually applying color to the upper waterline). This brush makes it so easy, a baby could do it!

The brush even has the right amount of stiffness, so it's flexible without ever being uncomfortable. For some reason, using a stiff brush to get between my lashes makes me sneeze, as does using an at-home laser on my forehead. File that away for trivia information to be used later, will ya?

You can also use the thin edge of the brush to create a tiny, precise line along your lids. Shown above, it's the only liner I'm wearing, and just as the base of my lashes. Or use the flat edge of the brush and draw a purr-fectly thick cat eye. While it's suggested you can also use this for lining the inner rim of the eye, I didn't have a lot of luck making the pigment stick. Perhaps my waterline is just too watery?

Either way, I'll gladly take the thick or thin line this provides, while the notched out brush provides an even easier way to tightline. Forget the pretty dots the product says you'll get. Aim for blinking into the widest part of the brush at the base of your lashes and you'll get a professional-looking tightlined eye each time. I've been wearing this daily since I got my hands on it. Impress your friends with your new eye lining skills and add it to your collection for $22.

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