Tirzah Nail Treatment Oil Radically Changed My Nails

I don't cover many nail products because I don't have great looking nails. The cuticles tear like little hungry flesh-eating pigs (which Loxy swears is a thing) gnawed on them for a snack. My nails are whisper thin and tear like wet paper. All of this leads to me leaving the nail stuff to the army of nail bloggers who know far better than I.

However,  Nail Treatment by Tirzah has radically changed my nails. This hemp-based oil somehow managed to keep my cuticles in check, with very few snags and snares, for more than two weeks. Normally, if my nails aren't polished professionally, they break and tear within days. The concept of having to actually cut my nails down isn't one I'm familiar with. But since I've started using this slightly thick oil every night, I've actually had to file them down in length so I could type on my smart phone.

This is a steal at $16. I don't exactly understand how it's made my nails so strong, but it has. My cuticles no longer look like farm animals chewed on them. My polish stays on longer. All around, this nail treatment has made a huge difference. I try a lot of things for my nails and this is one of the first ones to work for me this year.  I've been using it since May and I'm nowhere near finishing the bottle.

If you have chronic nail issues, this might be exactly what you need. One note--the website suggests spraying this on your nails and cuticles. My bottle in no way sprays. This is a thick liquid that comes out in burps, not sprays. So don't expect a fine mist of oil. However, the bottle I was sent looks very different from the bottle featured on the website. Maybe they only sent the burpy ones to bloggers? Who knows.  However burpy or not the application, the product is still great.

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  1. I need this in my life! My nails break easily. I'd love having long nails that don't break or snag on things. I swear I always have at least one short nail because of that.

  2. I was using a cheap nail strengthening treatment from Sally Hansen. I don't have problems with peeling nails or cuticles, sometimes they peel in little cracks from the corners but a file takes care of it. I just wanted to harden them more, and while it seemed to work my nails started peeling and unbonding(sp?) from the tips. I've seen this happen to a lot of people who have had success from nail treatments.

    When I stopped using it my nails gradually went back to their original state. I'm going to give this a try
    *crosses fingers* 

  3. My nails and cuticles look they they've been at war, I'm definitely going to try this!

  4. I'm so glad you like it. I'm still loving it!!

    Please forgive typos. Sent from my mobile.

  5. This product is awesome! Thanks for reviewing it and turning me onto it.


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