Newness You Need To Know About NOW: September 2012 Edition

As one of the beauty-obsessed, Sephora and the beauty counters in my area are like Cheers. Everyone knows my name. Which is great when I want to know the skinny and annoying when I want to bask in new makeup without being considered a "special customer". (Am I the only one who is embarrassed by how many people know me from the beauty shops?)

Either way, I was blown away by how many things I am jonesing to check out and buy at Sephora that I wasn't aware of. I'm on top of it, but so many new items hit the shelves at once, my head is spinning.

Here is what piqued my interest:

bareMinerals Well Rested Eye and Face Brightener is a must-have. This little wonder is a liquid highlighter that doesn't leave you shimmery, glittery or shiny. It leaves your skin slightly highlighted. It works like magic, even on my super fair skin. If it came in a vat, I would buy it to cover my entire face. It's thin, so it's no trouble to layer it with primers and concealers and foundation, OH MY. It's not a concealer like the Touche' Eclat, but if you want radiance without sheen, pony up your $22 American and start beaming.

Josie Maran's Argan Luscious Lip Treatment is like bathing in liquid gold. It's a tube of heavenly oils and only contains Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Murumuru Butter. It doesn't really impart a goldish tint or protect your lips from the sun, but it makes your kisser look fuller and feel amazing. It's non-sticky and super shiny. If you thought Fresh's Lip Treatments felt wonderfully luxe, try this. $16.  

New Pantone Universe Lip Luster Lipstick is so pretty. It's only available in five colors and almost all of the hot colors of the season are represented. (They didn't jump on the impending brown wagon.) These lippies have a clear outside and a color-popping inside, along with micro-particles of shiny bits of awesome. The only downside (aside from the steep price) is that the micro-particles of awesome are large enough that you are aware you are wearing them, and your lips don't feel smooth. You may not care because your lips will be so reflective and gorgeous you'll forget that they feel different. $18 each.

Dior's Style Liner is officially the inkiest black liquid liner I've ever met. It's a thick and creamy eyeliner that steals the title of blackest liner ever from Benefit's Magic Ink. It's $34, but if you want a black, black, black liquid line that makes you look like you are dripping with style/edge/awesome liner skills, this may be for you. This liner takes a bit of time to dry down. It's not quick with the evaporation, but it's true, inky appearance is worth it.

New Shade Shifter Shadows from Kat Von D are also high on my list. Sure, it's a Sephora line, but Sephora has reformulated and is doing a good job. (Employees give serious feedback to products and their shortcomings and Sephora listens.) Four new colors are a bright blue, a pretty purple, a stunning gold and a brownish green (like everyone else's brownish green). The blue, purple and gold are worth checking out. You can also use them wet for extra shine, or so I'm told. $16 each.

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