Mousse is Sweeter Than Ever!

When mousse first became a thing, back when I was in elementary school, it blew up hair styling options like how the fax machine blew up the post office. Mousses were everywhere and the higher and crunchier your hair was, the better it looked. They made extra hold mousse that guaranteed crunchy hair. You could even get colored mousses that added a luminous bronze tone to your hair. When I wore mousse, I always thought I was instantly a member of the Go-Go's. Ah, those were the days.

(This was my favorite type of mousse and I wanted her haircut so, so badly.)

Now that mousse is approximately 30 years old, it's more mature, laid back and yet somehow harder-working. While big hair is creeping back into our communal style lexicon, mousse may be key to the hold, touchability and moisturizing you seek. 

Yes, I said moisturizing! Gone are the mousses of yesteryear, which contained a lot of CFCs and drying alcohols. In fact, some mousses are ditching the name altogether in favor of calling themselves "Whips" or "Moisture Whips". Gone are the crunchy products that dried hair without giving it the illusion of actually being dry. Gone are frazzled ends and mousse that triples in size in your hands. 

The new mousse is more like frothy whipped cream that actually hydrates your hair while adding volume, some shine, loads of body and a slight to medium amount of hold. You still apply them the same way as you always did. Add a large amount of product - some suggest an egg and some suggest an orange - to your hair from the roots to the tips. You can even let it dry naturally and avoid the crunchies if you really want to go old school and roller set your hair. Just be sure to blast the roots before rolling to get maximum volume. Or apply before blow drying hair and get soft, shiny, touchable hair with a light hold and major volume. If you haven't tried mousses in a while, it's time to try again.

Here are some favorites that have recently crossed my vanity:

Sebastian Professional Whipped Creme: This lightweight styling creme helps keep humidity at bay while holding your style. It also doesn't make my hair feel dirty faster, like other products do.

Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse: This whipped cream-like mousse gives a medium amount of hold, while nourishing hair to stop frizz in it's tracks.

Pantene Moisture Whip protects hair from heat damage and gives it shine and soft hold, all by regulating the hair's own moisture barrier.

Are you ready for bigger hair to replace the super sleek trend of the last ten years? What is your favorite mousse? Tell me all about it!

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  1. Hmm. That is a great question. I don't know. Anything you add to your hair attracts dirt like a magnet. A spray, like Touchable Waves from Garnier is probably helpful, but will have silicones. Perhaps someone like Phyto has a spray that might work?

  2. I haven't used mousse in years, but since then my hair has become very wavy...almost curly.  
    Here is my dilemma, maybe someone can help....
      I only wash my hair once a week and would like to find a product that i can put in my hair on my wash-day, that will keep it wavy/curly after the first day.
    I dont use any silicones or sulfates, so that is also an issue.

    I'd like a product that i can put in my hair on day 1, then on day 2-7 refresh the curls....


  3. Yeah! mousse may be sweet to taste, but these products with dispensers like mousse really touched me. I am searching these products, if i found it in market. Thanks for sharing.. :)

    Sebastian Whipped Creme


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