LORAC Pro Cream Liner and Brush: So Dreamy

I love cream liners. I adore them. I find them easier to put on than pencils, they offer a richer, creamier pigment and are easier to get a variety of looks from when you can't really see out of one eye.

LORAC has recently released the creamiest, dreamiest liners that come with the handiest brush ever. Available in black, brown, navy and plum, LORAC Pro Cream Liner glides on, stays put and looks lovely.

Here is why this is better than the rest.

1. The plum and navy shades are beautiful. They are deep enough to have real pigment, but they don't flake or fall off.

2. The cream liner itself is so soft, it's like butter. It glides on the lid in a way that is so dreamy, you'll wonder why it took someone so long to make something so soft that stays on so well.

3. The brush stays clean inside of the cap and it's hard to lose.

4. The brush is tiny, yet slightly thick. It's the best of both worlds


5. The brush and cap fit in the palm of your hand so perfectly you can't do a bad job lining your eyes.

6. They are $19 each. I bought the Plum and I'm going to have to go back for the Navy.

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  2. I love gel/cream eye liners too. Thanks for doing this post, Its just about time to replace mine..I know what Im getting:)


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