Get Ready For a New Foundation Experience This September!

BareMinerals is always experimenting and creating new products. I absolutely love that about them. I'm still not 100% sold on their minerals from the earth complex that was the focus of the skincare a few years ago, but whatever. You can never accuse them of resting on their laurels!

This fall is all about finding the best foundation. Everyone is revamping and revisiting and bareMinerals is no exception. READY, their line of pressed powder shadows and blushes now has a new sister. READY foundation is here and hitting shelves officially on September 12. It's not just a pressed foundation. It's so much more than that. It's weird. And interesting. And pretty. And portable. And gives good face. And it's only $29.

That's a lot to digest. Let's look at why I called it weird first. READY foundation is a pressed powder in a flat compact. When you touch it, it's a powder. When it hits your skin and you buff it in, it's a cream. It doesn't feel creamy, it IS creamy. It covers like a cream. It's the reverse of a traditional cream to powder foundation. And it has an SPF of 20!

You apply the foundation with a brush similar to BE's usual buki, but it's got some critical differences. Sure, it's a densely packed synthetic brush, but it's also flat and angled so you can really get the product into the creases of your face; nasolabial folds, eye sockets and the like. There is also a travel brush so you can easily take the compact and the brush in your purse for on the go touch-ups, not that I really needed them.

The foundation itself is a nice blend of being creamy and a little tiny bit sticky. This means the foundation adheres to your skin, as does your blush. I love that you can seamlessly create more coverage by additional buffing. So if you have dark spots above your cheek bones, but want the freckles on your nose to stand out, you can do that seamlessly, without mixing foundations. This leaves you with a natural finish, not too matte, not too dewy.

Color-wise, I checked out the foundation in medium, which is about two or three shades too dark for my ivory skin. I'm more of a fairly light kind of girl. I can say it gave me nice coverage and my skin looked pretty good, but it was just the wrong color.

Ingredient wise, BE and bareMinerals has not jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon, but that doesn't mean there isn't some pretty sweet skin care packed into READY foundation. This foundation includes their proprietary SeaNutritive Complex, which according to BE, contains a time-release hydration system, with a moisturizing complex of mineral-encapsulated glycerin and humic acid to lock in moisture and protect the skin against environmental aggressors. This formula definitely locked in the moisture, leaving my skin hydrated, soft and never powdery.

With twenty different shades hitting retailers on September 12, there will surely be one to match everyone's skin tone (something most BB Creams fail to grasp). The question is, are you READY?

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  1. Yay! This is the first I've heard of this, and now I can't wait to try it! Great review, and thanks for letting people know about it! :)
    just wish they'd given you a coupon code.... ;)

  2. I'm honored that you aren't afraid of my cooties. But it is already spoken for by my sister. :-)

  3. GASP!!!! if the color of this foundation doesn't work for you...send it my way. I'd love to try it. I use medium in their original loose foundation! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ;^)


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