Beauty Sin: Not Washing Before Bed

We are all guilty of certain sins. Some are worse than others. One of the biggest beauty sins you can commit (aside from not wearing sunscreen daily, of course) is going to bed with a face full of makeup. Granted, if you are like me, some of it wears off during the day, so it's not that big of a deal, right?


Your face encounters all kinds of environmental ickiness during the day, which gloms onto your makeup. When you don't remove your makeup before going to bed, you are essentially bathing your face in the oogies you probably forgot about. That stinky cloud of fellow shopper's gas you passed when walking into that bodega? That group of smokers slightly less than fifty feet from the entrance to your office? That nasty bus that passed you while you were waiting for the light to change? Yeah. It's STILL ON YOUR FACE, microscopically speaking.

None of that is great for your skin, and smushing known toxins into your skin while it's trying to repair itself is just mean. I remember reading somewhere, a bazillionty years ago, that for every night you don't wash, your skin ages a few days. I think it was three days. Sure, it's going to happen sometimes, but give your skin a fighting chance and make it your habit to wash before bed.

Assuming you are still kind of like me, grossed out that stranger's farts are on my face but still too tired right before bed to bother, here are some shortcuts.

1. Wash when you get home from work. Sure, it may take the mystery away from your loved ones who've wondered what your eyes would look like without purple shadow, but I suspect they don't want to sleep next to a filthy face, and care more about keeping you healthy than preserving a beauty mystery.

2. Use a facial cleansing cloth, like Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes from Aveeno. They smell great, the get the ickies off of your face and they aren't expensive.

3. Don't forget your mascara! I'm currently loving Melvita's Eye Makeup Remover. It removes my mascara that doesn't want to budge in just a few swipes, and it doesn't bother my eyes. It's organic (ECO-CERT) and reduces puffiness. It rocks.

If you still aren't convinced that being a lazy sod and not washing just five times per month is aging you by three months per year, if I am remembering my facts (and doing math) correctly:

5 nights of gas face x 12 months x 3 days it costs you in aging = 180 days = SIX MONTHS.

So I was wrong. Being lazy FIVE days per month is aging you potentially an extra six months per year, which means you'll look 180.5 YEARS OLD WHEN YOU ARE NINETY, if you didn't wash your face five times per month, starting at the age of 25.

So what did we learn? Not washing your face before bed is gross. And may age you 50% faster than if you just washed your face like a nice girl. And that I am bad at math.

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  1. And now I'm pretty sure you scared me into washing my face more. its so hard sometimes. but the tip of washing your face when you get home for the night is such a good idea. I feel so dumb for not thinking of it first!

  2. I so agree With you that washing your face at night Is uber important.. Just the same like you take a shower when u get home from work, you must also wash your face... Use the makeup as a shield of sorts that catches all that gook then u can wash it away..

  3. nothing like a stranger's fart on my face to get me motivated, lol. Seriously, you are hysterical! I may have that image burned in my brain forever, thank you very much! Luckily I always remove my makeup before bed. When I'm too lazy for cleanser & water I use makeup wipes. I keep them right by the bed so I never have an excuse to skip it.

  4. You are preaching to the choir here with me! That has been my mantra since pre-teen years. And I hold it as one of the top 3 reasons I have never looked my age (years younger). :)

  5. No, I can't provide peer reviewed links. I read it in some magazine years ago. As mentioned in the story, I doubt its exactly true. ;-)

  6. So how exactly does one quantify aging 50% faster? Can you provide links to peer reviewed studies?

  7. Wow! This article has definitely opened my eyes to washing my face! Aging 50% faster!? I'm going to buy a nice face wash this afternoon! haha

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