Beauty Shorts: A Pass, a Fail and a Stylish Score!

This week's edition of Beauty Shorts involves some interesting drugstore finds. CVS has to have become my second favorite place to schmy around, after Sephora.  Between scanning my card for extra coupons or MONEY and then picking up new products that are on sale that come with more coupons, it feels like getting paid to try new things. So that is exactly what I've been up to!

Let's start on a positive note. Looking for a conditioner that smells great and does a nice job of hydrating your hair without leaving it limp or breaking the bank? Check out Salma Hayek's Nuance Raw Honey Protect Conditioner. It smells wonderful contains shea butter and wheat protein. It works so well, I can see Salma actually using it to get her signature shiny locks.

Next up, the fail. It's only a partial fail and that is mainly because of the marketing on the back of the box. Physician's Formula recently launched their Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Foundation + Brush (SPF 15) and Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Concealer that promises to give you "facelift-like results", including a before and after on the back of the box. Have you ever not seen someone look better after foundation and concealer are professionally applied? Me either. But still, I felt like I needed a facelift that day and had a coupon (thanks, CVS!) so I tried it. It actually looked pretty good on. My skin tone was pretty and even. But it only lasted for about five hours. Which is about four too short for me to suggest it to you. Perhaps with a super primer, you might be able to eke out more time. But my dry skin wasn't having it.

The score? For a limited time only, Biore is selling their famous strips in adorable tins that are PERFECT for holding your small tools you use every day. Always losing your tweezers or lash brush? Keep them in this adorable tin and you'll always know where to find them. Not to mention the fact that with sparkly-clean pores, your vanity will get a face lift. Sweet! Pick up one of the Biore Limited Edition Pore Strip Tins while you can! I haven't really seen them for sale online, but they are in stores like Target and CVS right now!

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