A Ravishing Red Ombre with Davines Flamboyage

I just got the change I've been looking for at Laboratorie, the Davines Exclusive Concept Salon in Baltimore. My hair had been red for years, but most recently included highlights and face-framing lowlights. While it looked really pretty, I wanted something a little edgier, brighter and more colorful.

I love the look of ombre'd hair. But I wanted something a little different, which was just what salon owner Bethany Maglicane had in mind for my red hair.

According to Bethany:

"The difference in the way I wanted to approach your hair was that I wanted a multi-dimensional ombre a la Lily Aldridge (except red) rather than a straight dip-dye ombre that is one color on the ends and one color at the root/mid shaft, a la Khloe Kardashian. I tend to prefer more dimension through the lightened ends because I think it's a little less literal and gives more depth and sophistication to the color." 

Here is what she did. We (by we, I mean she. I sat in a chair and blathered about new eyeliners) started by using a Davines exclusive technique called Flamboyage. This allows for a much more natural highlighted look, a different result than you could ever get from free-painting highlights or from foiling. In layman's terms, it works like this:

Bethany used a large strip of the Flamboyage self-adhesive plastic instead of a traditional foil. To select the hair to be colored, you place the Flamboyage "panel" on the hair and lift. Then you remove excess hair that you do not want colored from the panel. You are essentially left with random bits of hair to be colored, giving you a totally natural look. We lifted my color from deep red to a lighter golden red, and lifted and toned in one step, thanks to the Davines hair color.

Once the color is painted on the Flamboyage panel, it is folded in half and sealed. The color is visible while it's processing to ensure you get the right amount of lift.

Next, Bethany used a deep ruby color for my roots and for select pieces through the ends. We also used a color accelerator on small sections to really give it a boost of pigment in the hair.

After about thirty minutes, we checked my Flamboyage and rinsed, which was really easy, as the panel's adhesive disintegrates in water. All that was left was to shampoo, condition and dry.

(This photo is not color-corrected in any way.)

The end result is a gorgeous blend of ruby and flaming orange with pink highlights. While I've only used Davines color once in the past, I've found that the reds last longer and cover gray better than most other brands I've tried. My ruby red hair stays ruby for the full four weeks between color appointments, never fading to a lighter red.
Exclusive Concept Salons. If you are in the Baltimore area, visit Laboratorie, which I believe is the only salon in the area qualified to offer this service. For prices or to book an appointment at Laboratorie, visit www.laboratoriehair.com. To find a Davines Exclusive Concept Salon in your area, visit the Davines home page.

I paid for this. It rocks.

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  1. Stef | we heart thisOctober 3, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    Wow is that pretty! And thanks for the laugh ("I sat there and blathered about new eyeliners").

  2. Thank you!! I love it. I can't believe it is my hair!

  3. I still can't get over how gorgeous this is! Makes me wish for longer hair to try it out.

  4. So pretty!  I'm sporting an accidental ombre of sorts at the moment, but it's no where near as pretty.

  5. Thank you! I love to wear it wavy, which makes the color and texture look even richer. It's my favorite color ever!

  6. *want to touch hair*  Beautiful!


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