Summer Shortcuts: Easy Waves with Dove and Josie Maran

Is it just me or does the summer make all of us a little on the lazy side? I don't know why, but from June to September, I want everything to be easy. I'm fine for more attention to detail in the fall, but for these brief, warm months, I want everything easy.

So, since we all know I hate blow drying my hair, I'm for avoiding it whenever possible. My latest solution (IE: ideas that worked and didn't flop) is so easy, it's criminal. The products are the key, so keep reading.

I prefer to wash my hair at night, and let it air dry until it's slightly damp. Then I apply a slightly-smaller-than-a-softball amount of Dove STYLE+care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse all over my hair, especially from the midshaft down. This very light mousse offers a bit of hold for my waves but dries to a perfect finish, without the crunch or sheen of mousses from the past. It manages to lock out the frizz and keep in the waves.

Next, I lightly mist my hair with Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist Texture Volume & Moisture. This spray is one of the only salt sprays that gives you the best of both worlds. It combines Argan oil and Sea Salt to give you all of the texture without the dryness. It also adds a little bit of shine and smells really nice and light.

After the product, and while the hair is still dry, braid your damp hair into four even sections. When you wake up, gently shake out your (hopefully) dry waves. Carefully use your fingers to tousle them, without brushing them out. If your ends have gone a bit wonky, as mine always do, take a flatiron and touch up the ends, making them wavy, bent or stick-straight. It all depends on how much wave you are going for! I like to pull the ends through the flatiron by winding them around the iron and sliding the iron downwards.

The combo of the mousse and the beach spray give my hair the perfect texture that lasts all day long without falling or frizzing. My hair, when it's left to dry on its own, is perfectly straight and totally flat to my head. It only takes a few minutes and the product makes all of the difference. I love how the different textures combine to make a really simple, non-damaging beachy-style that is work-appropriate and lets me sleep in later. 

What are your favorite ways to save time in the summer? Share them with me!

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  1. I don't think I tell you I love you enough, S. Xoxo

  2. Dahhhling, you look absolutely mahhhvalous!!! This is your best hair yet. Beautiful, shiny and the perfect amount of wave. This has me wanting to run get those products NOW. Bye, gotta go!!!


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