Stila's Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm

Did you know Stila has a BB Cream?  Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm has been available for a bit, but I haven't seen it on shelves at any of my usual haunts. How does it stack up to the flood of other BB Creams on the market? Let's check it out!

 According to Stila, this BB Cream has 10 benefits:

  1. Microspheres hide imperfections and wrinkles by being sphere-y.
  2. Emollients increase antioxidant activity.
  3. Extracts and peptides reduce the appearance of fine lines over time.
  4. Long-wearing, HD formula.
  5. Reduces pore size and helps control oil and blemishes.
  6. Reduces redness and irritation.
  7. Uses tiny pigments for seamless coverage.
  8. Leaves skin feeling silky, with a powder finish.
  9. Ideal for all skin types and tones.
  10. Oil- and paraben-free.

So before I give you my thoughts on the ten benefits, let me tell you about my experience with the product. I'm in a list-y mood, so let's do this in another list.

  1. It lasts on the skin for an incredibly long amount of time. This blows my mind each time I wear it.
  2. It has a slight sweet smell. Not bad, but a slight smell.
  3. It plays well with blush. For me, that means it helps adhere my blush to my face for a full day. My cheeks are blush-hungry and devour it within hours. That doesn't happen when I wear this.
  4. It is only available in one color. When you apply it, it goes on really light. As you blend it in, I swear it turns slightly orange. As you blend it more, it matches my skin perfectly. I'm super pale, so I don't know how this would work for anyone who isn't super pale.

Ok, so let's talk about the official benefits. They should have made it 11 benefits and included the "stops cheeks from being blush-hungry" thing, but they didn't ask me in advance. I do think adding an eleventh benefit would have made it stand out, in a Spinal Tap kind of way. Whatevs. Let's review their official list and score them at the end.

1. Spheres that are sphere-y: Yup. Round spheres cause the coverage to float slightly above the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. I can see a tiny difference.

2. I have no way of measuring antioxidant activity, so I have no idea. But I can say this contains something called Mugwort extract, which is obviously made by Harry Potter. Since Harry Potter is a wizard, not a scientist, this doesn't count as a positive.

3. I suppose fine lines could be reduced. This doesn't contain any ingredients that are proven, like a retinol. It does contain fruit extracts, but I'd bet on a stable vitamin C or a retinoid before I would on apple and bran extracts. But I'm no doctor, so I could be wrong.

4. This is a long wearing, HD formula. However, who cares about the HD business? I live in regular definition. I'm not on TV and I haven't met a makeup artist who works in television that is using this on screen. They could be, I really don't know. I didn't take a poll or anything, but of those I work with in real life, this hasn't shown up in a kit.  But the HD aspect of this claim is a buzzword you shouldn't put at the top of your lists of things you need to be awesome. But the long-wearing is something you should care about.

5. Ok. Say it with me. YOUR PORES DON'T GET BIGGER AND SMALLER. You can't reduce the size. Your pores can look clean and less noticeable if they aren't congested. But they don't expand and contract.

6. Does this reduce redness and irritation? I was actually able to wear this when my skin reacted to a Korean BB cream a few weeks ago. So I'll agree, it is a gentle formula.

7. I have no idea if the pigments are smaller. For fun, let's say yes, because that would be a stupid thing to make up for street cred.

8. Yes, my skin feels silky and smooth after application.

9. Is it ideal for all skin types and tones? Well...if you are pale, this will work. Will it work on Kerry Washington? That is definitely debatable. I'll say no, but I haven't asked her. If you are pale or pale-ish, this will probably work. If you aren't pale-ish, there are probably better options on the market. What about skin types? I'm dry and this works for me. However, this contains a lot of silicones, so if you don't like the slick finish silicones leave behind, you may not like this. It doesn't leave skin as slick as a primer, but it does have a decent amount of 'cones.

10. I believe this is oil- and paraben-free. But I'm not a scientist either, but I'll take their word.

So how do I rate this? If you are pale-ish, based on the number of positive items on their list and credit for not being blush hungry, it rates a 7 out of 10. It's available for $38.

 (Shown not blended, partially blended and totally blended.) 

Is this something you would consider or will you pass? What is your favorite BB Cream? (In case you were curious, this does not contain Methyl Methacrylate, which made my skin go bonkers. It gives skin a plasticized look and is showing up in some American brands as well as foreign ones.)

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  1. My favorite brand is mamonde :)

  2. I can't say that it looks well on your hand. It is something I feel I shouldn't see. Is that the way BB Cremes are supposed to be? I think I need to still be 'sold' on BB Cremes and the hype. 

  3. I almost wish this was made by Harry Potter, I'd buy it on principal.  I wonder why no one has cashed in on the idea of making a Harry Potter make-up line yet, think of the madness!
    I'd buy a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean eyeshadow palette.... =P

  4. I visited a dermatologist and we were able to determine it was the MM.

  5. Actually LOL'ed at the Mugwort comment, hahaha! Mugwort is basically an herb and I've seen it used in Japanese and Korean cooking. It makes mochi taste super yummy!

    My favorite BB cream is Missha's Perfect Cover, because it remains the only one that hasn't broken me out, fits the bill for SPF requirements, matches my skin perfectly, and actually did improve my skin tone (maybe because it's the only one I've used long enough to see an improvement...or could be the scars fading naturally on their own.......or could be wishful thinking). I'm tempted by the Stila--if only it didn't have silica and all of that silicone! I've never heard of methyl methacrylate before--how did you know it made your skin freak out?

  6. It's interesting! It still blows my mind that so many of the American BB creams lack SPF. I'm glad it's gentle on your skin :)

  7. It definitely has a slip to it...the product has silicones, which may or May not feel ok on your skin.

  8. I would definitely try this, but I'd like to test out the color first. I'm also super oily, so I'd wonder how this would fare for oily skin ( I know it says oil free, but so does a lot of bb creams and they slide off my face).

  9. Loved your list-y review! Din't think this would work for me though as I am not in the pale skintone category.

  10. A BB Cream can fill almost any void you would like it to. It's a light foundation that also includes skincare. So depending on your needs, it may be the only thing you need, or it may be a great tool in your arsenal.

  11. AndstopcallingmeshirleyOctober 3, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    Are you wearing this (and other bb creams) over moisturizer?  I haven't tried a bb cream yet & am still confused - is it supposed to supplant the moisturizer?  


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