New Launches I Want Now! August 2012 Edition

It's that magical time of year. My favorite season is around the corner, which means everyone is thinking about their fall collections. While I haven't seen most of these in person, here are a few of the collections I am most excited about.

For $48, Too Faced is bringing sexy eyes back with an all new shadow palette, The Return of Sexy, complete with three specific color palettes, an eye primer and an eye liner. Too Faced palettes are some of my favorites, and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Speaking of eye primers, Buxom recently released the Buxom Stick Around The Eye Primer. This nude-colored chubby stick delivers a thin coat of primer that sticks to shadow. While I haven't road-tested it in real life, I swatched shadows in store using this primer and the shadows stayed put (on my arm, under a shirt) until I got home and popped in the shower.

Also, while it's not exactly new, the Buxom Color Choreography Lambada collection is on my list of must-haves. It's got pinks and purples that make lighter eyes seriously stand out. And because this kit includes a light peachy and darker purple tones it's perfect for brunettes as well. I played with this in store and am certain I'll end up going back for it.

Stila's Stay The Day Foundation and Concealer is one of foundations I've heard the most raves about, pre-launch. For $44, you'll be getting a foundation, concealer and brush that deliver a medium to full coverage, oil-free, matte look that allegedly doesn't budge all day. The fall is all about perfect looking skin and, with several noteworthy foundations launching, I'm excited to see which one reigns supreme.

I wanted this so badly I marched in to the CVS right after lunch and picked it up. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Denim Dash is the prettiest true blue denim with a touch of sparkle. What I did not know is that the polish is actually matte. If you squint your eyes, this actually looks like denim on your nails. It's different, slightly unexpected and really pretty. I don't normally write about nail polish, but this has gotten me quite a few compliments.

What new products have you been lusting after? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Haha, I love the title of this post... That's how I always feel when I see these press photos months before I can actually get my hands on them! :)


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