MUFE Aqua Creams in Colors You Can't Miss!

When I say you can't miss the new-ish Aqua Creams from Make Up For Ever, I'm not even kidding or being sarcastic. For the most part, the four new colors are brights you literally can't miss! Nothing says summer like a glistening, flashy, sexy eye coming out of a pool. These new colors have your covered!

These long wearing brights are perfect for the swim club, the beach or an evening of hot and steamy dancing. Which will you wear?

Need some fantastic MUFE inspiration? Check out this amazing look from one of my favorites, Jangsara, using Make Up For Ever.

Nothing lasts like an Aqua Cream. If you haven't tried them out, what are you waiting for? These are available at Sephora for $23 each.

Sent for review, but if you really are concerned, I've purchased five of them with my wonky debit card. May contain affiliate links.

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  2.  She really does!

  3. You are totally correct!! ;-)

  4. I think she used one of them. But I could be wrong. Really, I love now she mixes textures to create rich looks!

  5. I LOVE the MUFE Aqua Creams! I have several, and now I need that acidy green to add to my collection! You are SO right- their staying power is completely UN-believeable. Fabulous! (And I have oily eyelids!) (Yuk...)
    The Aqua Creams are worth their weight in gold to me.

    But just as a note, I don't think that Jangsara is actually using the Aqua Cream shadows in that link- I think she's using MUFE's powder shadows, which are also awesomely inspiring!

  6. I think I'm in love with the green!!

    Boston Princess  

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