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Are we Facebook friends? We should be! The Gouldylox Facebook page is full of things you need to know about, immediately. Mini reviews, pop culture nonsense, trends for male bits, random episodes of me being a klutz; you know, the stuff you need to know. If you don't "like" Gouldylox on Facebook, you are missing all kinds of important things, such as:

  • Me discovering I am wearing my shirt inside out. For half of the day.
  • If Caviar nail polish can stand up to its lofty claims. I know it's kind of cool / creepy, but can it last 48 hours?
  • What traditionally stodgy makeup line is busting at the seams with super bright, extremely pigmented colors that are gorgeous?
  • How to use bobby pins. Seems simple, right? I'm almost willing to bet you were doing it wrong.
  • Am I fighting with Pink Sith today? (I'm always fighting with her about something. Usually, it's that's she tempting me with some blush I can't have or blathering about how she hates all that I hold dear.*)
  • Awesomesauce giveaways that you will want really, really badly.

Plus other beauty blogger news that you might be missing if you aren't tuned in to the chatter on the world-wide-interwebterschminkle, like a guy's actual experience getting penazzled.

So can we be friends? I know you just have to like the page, not request my friendship. But that simple act will mean we are friends. If you are ever in my Sephora and are confused if something is peach or pink, I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. And I have some great giveaways coming up. Check out the Gouldylox Facebook page FTW!

*I wonder if Sith ever notices that I talk about us bickering on my blog. I'm guessing no.

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