Fishtail Braid Your Hair In Four Easy Steps

I've been trying to learn how to braid hair for years. Even before mine was long enough, I used to practice on my old co-worker, J-Diz. Finally, one day Kristin of Beauty Xpose posted a video that taught me how to reverse french braid. That said, it took me time to master and hone my skills. Which means I practiced braiding my bangs for hours during a RHONJ/NY marathon. The next day, when I went to braid my bangs for work, I could only do it when lying down on the sofa. Seriously?!? Seriously. Then I could do it sitting up, but not looking in a mirror. Now I can just do it, but it took time for me to learn.

Fishtail braiding was harder for me. I watched dozens of videos and still didn't get it. I even wrote and produced a quickie video for a client on how to fishtail braid and I still couldn't quite do it. But then one little thing she said made sense and BOOM. I'm a fishtail-braiding fool. So here is how I finally learned to make a perfect fishtail.

Step One: Gather hair into a low pony. This can be on the side or in the back.

Step Two: Split that pony into two sections. Hold each section in your fist, with your thumbs facing each other.

Step Three: With your forefinger, peel off a section from the outer edge of one hand and pass it over to the middle, grasping that section with the opposite hand.

Step Four: Repeat this back and forth until you reach the end. Secure with an elastic that won't damage your ends. Sally's is a great place to pick up little clear or black elastics on the cheap!

Loosen up the braid with your fingers for a more relaxed, casual look. Told you, EASY!

Don't worry about it looking perfect. The more texture (within reason) the better. Don't worry about little layers poking out. Natural and easy look best!

May contain affiliate link. And yes, I really had to lay down on the sofa the next morning to do my hair. Eventually, I could lay down on the bed and braid, but it took several attempts to get it right if I wasn't on the sofa.

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  1. HAHAHA! Best comment ever! I'm so glad I shared! It didn't make sense to me either until someone explained where you PUT the hair. Glad it worked for you!

  2. OMG - IT WORKS! I could never do that to save my life! Thanks!!

  3. I miss my Barbie head.... I wonder of my mom still has it????

    Sent from my flattest computer.

  4. I used to practice on my Barbie dolls, and then practice on myself (when I had my waist length hair). Fishtail is cute and easy :)

  5. I saw this today and finally tried it. It never made sense to me before, so thanks for posting this. I can't believe how easy this is!

  6. I still kinda don't get it -_____-


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