DiorShow New Look Mascara Restores My Faith in the World.

The whole world raves about Diorshow Mascara. So because they do, I've never tried it. It's expensive, everyone has written about it and I doubt I would have anything so super awesome to add to the conversation. And honestly, when everyone loves one thing universally, like the movie Crash (please don't get me started on that trite afterschool special), Great Lash or Clinique's original moisturizer, there is a solid chance I won't be impressed. Maybe it's because I'm contrary or maybe it's because I'll always bet on the underdog. Either way, if the world loves it, I'm not forging new ground writing about it. 

So here I am, layering mascaras. Playing mad scientist in my beauty lab, looking for something to give me the right combo of length and volume with no flaking or smudging. Then one day, I took part in a survey to help a stranger gather research on beauty trends. Because foreigners are nicer than many other people for whom I fill out random surveys, she sent me a thank-you gift. She had mentioned she would, but I didn't expect anything. Very few people actually follow up on that kind of stuff. (Or maybe just the people I know. I'm not judging, I just have lowered expectations, I suppose.)

She could have sent me some drugstore stuff from France and it would have been fantastic. But instead, she sent me Diorshow New Look Mascara. Since I've never used the original Diorshow, I can't really tell you what the difference is. The brush on the Diorshow is fairly large. That's different. The brush on New Look has been deemed a nano brush, which works way better for me in building length and volume out of wimpy lashes. New Look also contains a  Lash Multiplier serum that thickens, separates and extends the lashes for seriously feathered fringe.

If you've never used a lash growth product, you need to know that, as your lashes grow, before they normalize they go through a wonky stage. I'm not sure if they are delicate or uneven because of the new growth, but they look wonky. After several months of maintenance and gentle treatment, that stage goes away. I had noticed that my lashes were returning to that weird stage of wonky and thought they were looking longer than usual.

Indeed they are. Click here to see my lashes on June 7th, of which I was pretty proud.

Here are my lashes today. Bazinga! I don't know if it's the mascara making them look longer or if they are growing really quickly or what. But WOW.

The only downside is that this mascara is very hard to remove. I've been using an argan oil-based cleaner and a waterproof mascara remover and it still takes a bit of careful effort. But it's worth it. I'm hooked on the Diorshow New Look mascara!

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Sent as a thank you gift. But you already knew that. May include affiliate links.

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  1. I agree! This New Look is my favorite Dior mascara yet!

  2. I have tried Dior mascaras but not this one, it looks amazing:)

  3. I had a friend in high school who used Diorshow exclusively...but I always thought it just looked so good because she had amazing lashes naturally! now I'm not sure...maybe it is the excellence of the product after all!


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