Dalton Weightless Coverage Souffle Foundation

Summer weather makes my makeup feel like it's melting. I hate that feeling. I also hate the feeling of heavy foundations that make me feel suffocated. Truth be told, when the weather is as hot as it has been, I hate almost everything.

However, I got my hands on a fan-favorite foundation from Dalton, one that I hadn't previously tried. The Dalton Weightless Coverage Souffle Foundation is an unusual foundation for so many reasons. First of all, it's not the usual consistency of most foundations. It reminds me of Per-feckt, but with more pigment and much longer lasting coverage. It also reminds me a little of the Urban Decay Primer in the professional size, but not quite as hard to get out of the bottle. While that is helpful information to know, I realize it's a little vague.

So let's dive into this odd little gem, shall we?

According to Dalton, this foundation is as smooth as silk! Lightweight and silky, this medium coverage foundation will melt into your skin to help even your complexion. The included application brush offers a quick and easy way to cover up fine lines and imperfections.

This foundation comes in a squeeze tube and includes a stippling brush. It's available in three shades, light, medium and tan. I tried the light foundation, which is a pretty perfect match for my very light skin. When you first squeeze this foundation out of the tube, it is a little difficult. This is why it reminds me of the UD Professional Primer. The Dalton is similar in consistency but you don't have to step on the packaging to get it to come out, the way you do with the UD. It takes a little force, but you can do it.

This souffle foundation is definitely light and airy like its namesake. Its main ingredient is silicone, it gives the skin an airbrushed finish that minimizes pores and fine lines, leaving skin feeling silky smooth. It's also great on dry skin or over dry patches on your face that are otherwise hard to deal with.

This foundation provides a nice amount of medium coverage. In the photo above, you can see that my blemishes are fairly well covered (right cheek/lip area), but my freckles across my nose still show through slightly. I've found that I've gotten about eight hours of wear with this foundation and am usually surprised at how much comes off when I wash my face at the end of the day.

The stippling brush that comes with this foundation ensures a perfect, airbrushed finish and you only need the smallest amount to cover your face. For $34.98, you get the brush and the foundation. I know it's been wait listed for a bit, but a little birdy tells me it is back this week!

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  1. I haven't tried that, but I hear great things about it!

  2. Have you tried Sephora's tinted moisturizer? It's not a whole lot of coverage, but more of a smoothing out the redness without weighing down the skin. I really like it because I live in South Florida and foundation is just too much in the 95 degree humidity!

  3. Bah!! That is frustrating!! I'll be sure to send you comments to Doris. Perhaps if they know now bothered their consumers are, things will change!

  4. I dont know why your ranting and raving about this foundation. she never restocks on any of her products she puts , and when she does , its on waitlist for a year.it gets to be frustrating. So when people try to go and get this,because your singing praises about it. It wont be available to to them. Sorry. just frustrated

  5. I agree with Summerlove20046 - it's never in stock. I purchased it a year ago and have used it on and off since then. I do find this has that silicone feel , it can feel almost oily/greasy. In fact, for the first couple of uses I had some clear fluid run out of the tube beside the foundation itself. Yuck! It has since gone away. I've learned to apply it with a super light hand with my fingers or my old tried and true method – a makeup sponge. The brush that came with it is lovely but just seems to move the foundation around no matter how I swirled, swiped or brushed I could always see the brush marks on my face.


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