Beauty Shorts: Linemen are Hot, Lips Rule & Help for Hair

Since I haven't had power and hate the heat, I've been scouring drugstores for new launches and other assorted items I'm certain I can't live without. Also, anyone who has ever traveled with me knows I have to visit drugstores all of the time. It's been a hobby of mine way longer than blogs have existed. So the fact that the power is out is actually irrelevant.

However, if my power company is reading this by any chance, MY POWER IS STILL OUT. SINCE FRIDAY. In the words of Seth Meyers, REALLY?!? If a lineman is reading this, I love you and appreciate all of your hard work in the blistering heat. Thank you for all you do.

 (Linemen totally just want to help you. They are all nice guys who work hard and look like this.)

Since my pandering to linemen while gesturing obscenely to power companies isn't likely to get me anywhere, let's get back to the beauty, shall we?

Here is what I've found since the day the electricity died that you need to check out.*

In the land of lipstick, I've uncovered three new lines that are worth visiting.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche is available in 16 hydrating colors that remind me of a much higher-end lip product than you normally find at the drugstore. I picked up #181, Sheer Linen. This shade is a better-than-your-lips-nude kind of color. It's reminiscent of my beloved Chanel Cashmere lippie. The only downside to this $9.99 lipstick is that there is a heavy, sweet flavor and scent. Still, the colors are beyond basic, nuanced enough in their selection to be on trend right now.

(Left: Rimmel London, Maybelline, L'OREAL)

Tired of looking at oranges? Maybelline recently launched new all purple, all the time lipsticks to add to their COLORsensational Line. I chose #440, Mauve It Up, which is the kind of purple punch that I find goes with my ruby hair and blue eyes. These appear to be so new I can't find them on the website, so you'll have to trust me. The colors are edgy, unexpected and purple. What's not to love?

(Top: Rimmel London, Maybelline, L'OREAL)

Rimmel London is another brand I love to love and Kate Moss' lipsticks make for a nice collection. One of the most interesting shades is #15, which I think I recall being named Smoke. On the Rimmel London website, it doesn't seem to be listed with the same color ID so, once again, you'll have to trust me. It reminds me of MAC's dark gray and black lipsticks from the fall of 2009 (or was it 2010?).  If you have a color you love and want to darken it up and smoke it out, this lippie acts as a line of smudged black liner. However, it's slightly more subdued and dependent on the shade you wear underneath. But if you are up for playing lipstick chemist, this is a good tool to have.

TRESemme Nourishing Rituals Liquid Gold Shine Therapy is a discovery I made that I can't stop using. According to the website, this silkens and helps rejuvenate tired, dull hair for multi-dimensional shine. Indulge your hair at home with this lightweight conditioning treatment, infused with reflective micro-crystals. for a healthy, silky, just from the salon shine. It does all of that and more. It brightens dull color with super shine, makes hair soft and silky and tricks you into believing you spent way more money than you actually did. I love this. LOVE IT.

Finally, during the days after the Derecho, I haven't been wearing makeup, save for some powder and mascara. It's too hot and I'm too agitated to try any harder. But the other day I was feeling particularly peaceful and wanted a little shine. That's when I spotted a $3 off coupon attached to the package of Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Powder Palette. I picked up the translucent shine and it does just that. It adds a clear, dewy glow to skin that isn't shy and isn't over the top. It's perfect on it's own and even better over bronzer. I've been using it on my eyelids as well. While I hate the brushes that come in these compacts from PF, it's not so bad in this particular case. The thin brush can provide wide or narrow strokes of shine that fit into any circumstance.

Finally, something else also discovered during these stormy days and steamy nights (not that way, so stop reading 50 Shades over and over!) is the Flat Banana comb. I'm bringing this back single-handedly, so join me! I'm considering it a twist on a faux hawk and calling it cool. It is flatter to the head than a traditional banana comb, so go with it, people! Plus, it takes two seconds to put in, looks different that the same pony I've been wearing every day, makes hair look longer and doesn't hurt when you lie down under your desk to sneak a quick nap when no one is looking. Not having power makes you take risks. Flat banana combs are worth it!

*The Tressemme I bought last month and have been using it religiously.

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  1. I am with you - no power since Friday night. We are staying with my son, DIL and grandchildren, so that's a blessing. Going back twice a day to take care of cats and check the house. Just got back from emptying out the fridge. Cats are happy they get to go in the basement - much cooler down there, and it's usually off limits!

  2. MamaLox!! You commented for the first time in 3 years!! Yeah!!

  3. Your lineman sorta reminds me of my lawn guy!

  4. Thanks!! I think it was Scunci. I git it at Rite Aid, but always see them in drug stores. It's super cute if you bump the top of your hair or braid the bangs. Be sure to set it high on the head and make your hair full!

  5. Sorry to hear that you STILL have no power. I went through a similar period of misery last year when the A/C died in the middle of the summer. In FLORIDA, no less. Oy.

    Anyway, may I ask you who makes the flat banana comb? I remember it from years ago (too many), but don't recall who made it. I'm ready to help you bring it back single-handedly. I guess that would make it double-handedly, right? Thanks! I'll pray to the electricity gods for you. ^^

  6. We lost it for a week after Irene last year, too!

  7. I feel for you regarding having no power.  I've gone without power for about a week in 90+ degree weather after hurricanes.  It's miserable! 


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