First Look: Estee Lauder's New Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipsticks and Swatches

Color master Tom Pecheux is launching another collection full of shiny, vivid, vibrant, long-wearing, creamy tones for Estee Lauder's Pure Color Lipstick line. Honestly, what more is there to say? They are gorgeous!

Ok, as usual, there is more to say. These colors are actually as hard-working as they are beautiful. Each color contains up to eight differently colored shapes and pearls. When fused together, this Amplified Dimensional Pearl Technology reflects a multi-hued spectrum of color that sparkles on the lips. The emollients in this lipstick keep lips hydrated for hours and even refine them over time! The polymer complex in Vivid Shine creates a glossy shine that holds up for easily more than an hour, while the wax helps keep everything perfectly sealed and in place.

These are available in twenty new shades, from a sheer pearl to a true gunmetal gray. The collection also includes bright fuchsias, gorgeous corals and the resurgence of some browns.


I picked up the orange-y Fireball, which should surprise no one. Check out the rest of the colors available below!

Top Row, Left to Right: Lame' Luminizer, Foil Luminizer, Mauve Struck, Pink Voltage, Power Pink, Rebel Raspberry, Spiked Toffee, Pink Riot, Brilliant Bare, Fireball

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Gunmetal Luminizer, Spiced Cocoa, Copper Flash, Electric Mauve, Hot Coraline, Magnetic Magenta, Violet Electra, Forbidden Apple, Poppy Love, Pearlescent Luminizer

Which are your favorites? I may have to go back to get some of the Luminizers. They are so, so pretty! I've found that the best, most vivid and shiny application comes when you use a brush. If that isn't convenient (it's not for me!) then adding a few coats of lipstick will get the job done. The pearl qualities this lipstick has when you really look at it on your lips is gorgeous!

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